Monday, December 31, 2007

My Top Ten Card Droppers on Entrecard

It looks like I am one of top card droppers on Yimto Affiliate Marketing Blog. So, as per the rules I am tagging my top ten card droppers on Entrecard. I'm making this short and sweet!

So, here are the simple rules of this Meme:
1. Post your Top 10 Dropper's Blogs, and write a little comment about them, which you could use as a recommendation should you choose :)

2. Message them with the Entrecard message system to let them know that they have been tagged, and encourage them to continue the chain. (and thank them for dropping so many cards:P)

3. Include a link to the Entrecard Meme article of the person who tagged you

4. Include a link to this original post
The Entrecard Top 10 Card Droppers Meme @

5. Drop your card on your Top 10's sites, if you haven't already :P

6. Drop cards on the other sites that were tagged along with you if you wish, as they will probably drop back :)

7. Copy these rules onto your post, so that others can easily participate!

And that's it! So get tagging!

Here are my Top Card droppers! Thanks for dropping by so often. :}

CK Marketing One of my favorite blogs to visit because I learn something new each and every time. The Wordpress tutorials are my favorite posts. Somehow Wordpress doesn't look as confusing to the newbie like me.

Malewail A mixture of humor, reviews and making money. Very fun and amusing blog. Besides, as a women I am curious to see what exactly the male perspective is.

Yimto Affiliate Marketing Blog The posts are a joy to read and I especially love the blog reviews.

Toast & Egg & Me Lots of useful resources for making money as a freelancer. The latest posts about traffic on Blog Catalog and MyBlogLog have been interesting.

MY Blog - I love the design, it makes me happy. Great posts, wide variety of topics.

One Rich GamerI don't play games as much as I used to but I still enjoy reading what's happening in the gaming world.

Internet DreamerOne of my favorite blogs to visit. Especially loved the resignation post. Made me laugh like crazy.

Joan JoyceGreat design and tons of interesting articles to read.

No nonsense Internet Tips Lots of useful information and some pretty awesome tips.

Xavier Media BlogA whole lot of topics to read on this blog. Plus, an entrecard contest. The new contest got same rules as the last one: drop your card at this site and you can be the lucky winner of 100 EntreCard credits. Seven winners will be announced next Friday (the 5th of January 2008). Drop your card and be happy :)!

It's been a pleasure visiting all your blogs today. With the holiday season behind me, I definitely have more time to drop cards.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hope Everyone Had A Merry Christmas

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday yesterday! My Christmas was very peaceful and enjoyable. I spent the whole day playing with my three year old daughter. We colored, put some puzzles together and she even cooked me a meal using her Little Tikes kitchen. Plastics foods are the best!
She's the baby of the family. I have four more children. All teenagers! They opened their gifts and went back to their rooms.
Gone are the Christmas mornings of me trying to juggle my time to put all their toys together and play with each of them. Yesterday was a nice break but it kind of made me feel old! Ouch!
Happy Holidays everyone!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Lara Is Giving Away A Free Iphone!

What's really cool is not only do you have the opportunity to earn 5 easy entries in the Iphone contest, you will learn how to make money with Facebook.
Lara has an awesome blog called "25 Steps to Making Money with Facebook".

There's three ways to earn entries for the Iphone contest.

1. Subscribe to Lara's blog. This makes a lot of sense if you are really interesting in learning how to make money with Facebook or any other social network for that matter.

2. Post a comment on her blog. Another simple task. I am sure after reading any of the posts on her blog, you will definitely learn something.

3. Make a post on your blog about the contest on your blog! It only takes a few minutes of your time.

For a complete set of rules and to find out why Lara is giving away an Iphone visit
Win a IPhone. Better hurry, this contest ends soon!

Even though I am a huge fan of revenue sharing social networks, I am excited about learning how I can make money on Facebook.

My Social Networking News

I am so tired of people who ruin a good thing for honest, hardworking people. Fun Advice was a Google Adsense revenue sharing program until recently. But things have changed. This is the message currently being posted where you would normally add your Google publisher id.

This has been discontinued due to abuse.
Were you participating in the program prior to it's close?
The adsense revenue sharing feature is still active for all members that signed up previously.

What a bummer. Fun Advice was a cool way and easy way to earn some Google cash. I don't think it's really fair not to include new members because of someone else's stupidity. I can still earn but I can't offer my friends the same opportunity.

Biz Mingle announced it was closing it's doors last weekend. The owner has a new project and his expectations for his social network didn't pan out. The site didn't have a revenue sharing program but it was another place to meet new people.

I took a break from visiting Friends for cash because I was spending way to much time playing their arcade games. Shame on me and my addictive nature to games. Yes, I am a recovered Tetris addict. I figured it was in my best interest to avoid temptation and stay on task.

If you join Friends for Cash, I will earn 25 cents for referring you. If you can refer 4 of your friends to join, you just made yourself a dollar!

Christmas is a few days away. I guess it's time for me to take a break from my "virtual" social networking and get ready to socialize in the real world.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I prefer Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Social Networks

I was lured into social networking because it offered me the opportunity to earn with Google Adsense. It is very important to me to know and learn everything I can about Google and you should too if you are interested in making money and not breaking any of their terms of service.

On January 9th, 2008, Jonathan Leger is releasing a new f.ree report
that completely obliterates the following myths about Google (and then
goes on to show you what DOES work):

Myth #1: Google Knows All and Sees All
Myth #2: Google Will Not Rank Duplicate Content
Myth #3: You Must Get Links From Related Subject Sites to Rank
Myth #4: Your Site Must Focus On One Subject To Rank
Myth #5: High Page Rank Means Good Rankings
Myth #6: To Maintain Good Rankings, You Must Add New Content

MYTH #7: THE BIGGEST MYTH: Ranking In Google Is Hard!

The site is in pre-launch now, but if you sign up early you will get
a sample chapter full of proof and details.

And did I mention he'll pay you for referring other people to this
powerful f.ree report? And that he'll pay you for anyone THEY refer
as well (even while it's in pre-launch)? Find out more about that
when you download your sample chapter from:


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Social Networking Virtual Conference Tomorrow!

Yikes, I should have posted this early in the week. My email reminder to attend the virtual social networking conference.

Susan Parr: FYI - REMINDER - TOMORROW - Wednesday -December 19, from 8:00
AM EST to 8:00 PM EST, the first virtual conference for the Social
Networking Industry will take place online.

To attend the virtual event, click on the following link:

Over 300 social networking industry executives have already pre-registered.

It is a one day virtual event and is free for all social networking
industry executives to attend. Our Silver Sponsor, PRINGO NETWORKS, is
hosting the event for us. Userplane will be providing the chat software
(including Video Chat for those with webcams - we recommend you have a
webcam, but it isn't required).

On that day, you will be able to meet others attending the event. You can
do the following:

# View attendee profiles
# Introduce yourself and your business
# Send others messages
# Text chat with others
# Call or audio chat with other attendees
# Video Chat with them.

The virtual event is designed to help you make appointments for the Miami
event in January. For those that have never attended, or are unable to
attend, the pre-conference virtual event will assist you in meeting with

More information on the virtual conference can be found here:

Remember Wednesday December 19! I hope to see you there!

Marc Lesnick
Conference Organizer
Social Networking Conference
January 31 & February 1, 2008
Miami Beach Convention Center

There's no way I can spend the whole day at the virtual fair. But I am still excited. I love social networking and this looks like it's going to be very informative and fun.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Your Request To Become Friends Has Been Declined!

Just wanted to share a funny story with you. This happened to
a very good friend of mine. I can't help but to laugh every
time I think about it.

He made the mistake of sending a friend's request to some one
I would say was "anti-avatar". Not only did the recipient
refuse the invitation but he made it quite clear he was NOT
interested in developing a friendship with a freaking cartoon
character. Hahahaha! He only had time for people who didn't
hide behind a facade.

I think avatars are cool. I don't think everyone HAS to put
their own picture out there on the web. People are entitled
to their anonymity. I certainly don't think someone should be
read the riot act because they are using an animated avatar.
Come on now, who doesn't like those animated avatars?

Avatars allow us to express ourselves, promote our business
and show off our artistic creativity.

Should I base my friendship on some one's avatar? I don't
think so. Sometimes, it is the reason I befriend some
one. We share a common interest.

What are your thoughts? Have you declined friendships
because you didn't like their avatar?

Yes, I have been declined friendships requests as well. My all
favorite explanation was "I'm sorry I am not currently accepting
friendship requests at this time."

Geesh! I wasn't applying for a job!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cyber Bullies, Flamers, Phishers, and Spammers, Oh My!

As if life wasn't difficult enough in the real world with the daily grind of dealing with rude people, junk mail and telemarketers and really bad drivers on cellphones. Now we are faced with cyber bullies, flamers, phishers, cybersmears, trolls and spammers in cyberspace. Some people just lack social etiquette and the rest of us have to be subjected to their behavior. Bummer for us.

Regardless of the havoc these people may inflict on my life on any given day, I decided to indulge myself and see how they are described in the Urban Dictionary. There's nothing like a little laughter in the morning. Maybe somehow it will make me more productive.


Any person who uses a computer to illegally acquire another persons personal information such as social insurance number, password to protected websites, credit card numbers, etc...

If newbies don't learn what's up with the internet they are going to get scammed by phishers left, right, and center.


A person who, on a message forum of some type, attacks and flames other members of the forum for any of a number of reasons. A real Flamer usually attacks threads because he/she disagrees with the content of the thread or the lack thereof. The difference between a Flamer and somebody who merely disagrees is that a flamer is inappropriate in their responses.They must not be confused with Trolls.


A moron who sends out E-mails, filling up your in box so you can't find any real E-mail.

Quite possibly one of the lowest forms of life around. Fills the email boxes of people with offers for increasing the size of male genitals, mortgage refinancing, credit, links to pages displaying every kind of sexual act known to humans, and among other things, pills.

A clever, diabolical person who gets free non-stop advertisement across the globe in millions of peoples electronic mail boxes.

Goodness, I certainly found a lot of interesting and amusing definitions of words I didn't even know existed. It also got me to thinking, isn't there some kind of code of conduct or etiquette guide?

Oh yeah! THE CORE RULES OF NETIQUETTE I wonder if I would be labeled a spammer or a cyber-bully if I started hitting the reply button and sending the Netiquette back to all those spammers.

Hmmmm, maybe I could use it as my own little TOS (terms of service) before I accept anyone as a friend in my social networking haunts. LOL

Oh well, maybe I will just digg it!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Something new and A little off topic!

This morning while I was browsing blogs on Entrecard, I came across RSS Hugger! I love their logo it caught my eye and besides who doesn't want to be hugged? Anyways, I decided to check it out.

I liked it! It's simple, easy to use and I especially loved the TOP 100. Most lists I have seen usually consist of bloggers who have been a member since day one or the professional bloggers who know exactly want it takes to be on top! How can I compete? I want and need traffic just like any other blogger out there.

Yes, I have issues with wanting to be number one! LOL That's exactly why I love RSS Hugger because their TOP 100 resets every month. This is great news for the newbie (underdog) blogger like me! I have a fighting chance.

Take a look at the TOP 100 and make sure you add your blog while you are there!

Friday, December 7, 2007

How Important is Your User Id and Avatar?

I thought this would be an interesting topic because I get a little bit of attention with my user id! I selected my user id name about six years ago when I was playing Yahoo Canasta. I felt the name was appropriate because it was a little bit intimidating to my opponents. If they weren't intimidated, they were certainly amused with my trouble4u2avoid alias.

A few people have commented on my trouble4u2avoid alias. They felt it didn't seem like an appropriate name to promote a business online. As a matter of fact, they felt it was a good way to steer away people. I guess I could agree on some level. However, I feel my user id is for my social networking communities and my paid to reads! Social networking is about having fun and paid to reads are lonely! Who cares what my name is there? Besides, who's to say trouble isn't fun from time to time? Especially the kind you have to avoid!

I enjoy the random quips on get on occasion. My all time favorite was I AVOID anything but trouble. I found it to be very amusing! Like I said social networking isn't just a MONEY thing for me. I social network for fun. Making money is an added perk!

Yes, I am making money in social working! Yes, I am having fun! Yes, I am promoting some money making opportunities. No, I'm not going to change my trouble4u2avoid alias. I can't! LOL I am having too much fun!

The point I'm trying to make is if you are looking to promote a business on a more professionally level, you may want to try selecting an alias to represent your business or business interests. I have seen some really cool business user ids that are catchy and very professional. I have also seen people who simply user their first and last names. I guess it all boils down to what you feel comfortable using.

Another thought to ponder is your avatar. I used to use anime avatars. There are some many cool ones and I thought "WOW" one for every social networking community. I would even change them on a regular basis. Well, I no longer do that. I stopped because it was confusing people. Some people actually complained. That's no way to build friendships.

My suggestion would be to use a real photo of yourself and use it in every social networking community you join. I can tell you I have found a lot of my friends from one network in another because I saw their dazzling smile! Or if you don't want to share your own self portrait, at least use the same avatar everywhere so you can be found.

Maybe if you are computer savvy unlike me, you can design your own avatar/logo. Don't pick an avatar you see everywhere. Try to find something unique, eye catching and memorable.

The importance of being recognized is so you can build a strong network of friends. There will be plenty of people you cross paths with but building a strong alliance with other members will increase your traffic, open you up to new opportunities and build long lasting friendships.

Your user ID and your avatar are very important if you are planning to network on a professionally level. I strongly recommend before you go out there and start joining a ton of social networks make sure you have a photograph and a user id you really like and can use for a long time.

Happy networking! PS...I'm really no trouble at all!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Making Money with Social Networking

Social Networking is becoming one the most enjoyable and easiest ways to make money online. Social networking communities are being created at an alarming rate. Even better news is some come with awesome money making opportunities for their members.

Here are a few of the ways members are earning money with social networks.

Google Adsense

If you have a Google Adsense account, you can earn a share of the revenue generated from the ads on your profile page. Your share of the earnings will be listed in the social network's terms of service. Most range from 50%-100%.

AD Networks

Although Google Adsense seems to be the most popular ad revenue sharing program with most social networks, you can find some which allow you the option of using another ad network such as Yahoo, Bidvertiser etc.

Referral Rewards

It's not uncommon to find social networks paying you to recruit new members into the social network. Some are paying $1.00 per referral.

Activity Points

Some social networks reward your participation in the community with points. In most cases the points can be traded in for cash.

Cold Hard Cash

Yes, you can earn money simply for participating in the community. Don't expect to make millions over night. What you can expect is to earn some extra cash for socializing online. Most people I know are already doing this but unfortunately for FREE.

Like I tell everybody I know, Myspace rocks but it doesn't pay! Look around and see how to make money online with social networking.