Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I prefer Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Social Networks

I was lured into social networking because it offered me the opportunity to earn with Google Adsense. It is very important to me to know and learn everything I can about Google and you should too if you are interested in making money and not breaking any of their terms of service.

On January 9th, 2008, Jonathan Leger is releasing a new f.ree report
that completely obliterates the following myths about Google (and then
goes on to show you what DOES work):

Myth #1: Google Knows All and Sees All
Myth #2: Google Will Not Rank Duplicate Content
Myth #3: You Must Get Links From Related Subject Sites to Rank
Myth #4: Your Site Must Focus On One Subject To Rank
Myth #5: High Page Rank Means Good Rankings
Myth #6: To Maintain Good Rankings, You Must Add New Content

MYTH #7: THE BIGGEST MYTH: Ranking In Google Is Hard!

The site is in pre-launch now, but if you sign up early you will get
a sample chapter full of proof and details.

And did I mention he'll pay you for referring other people to this
powerful f.ree report? And that he'll pay you for anyone THEY refer
as well (even while it's in pre-launch)? Find out more about that
when you download your sample chapter from:



jessie said...

hi susan, i will be watching out for those articles... u see, google raised a lot of eyebrows due to their not-so-good policies as of late. i have nothing against them except that they seem to want to control the net particularly the search engine games. well that's their prerogative. the internet is a great marketplace and i'm just a spectator observing what will unfold in the coming days. i really hope ur doing well with ur adsense. best of luck, my friend