Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

It's the last day of the year 2008. Wow, it seems like this past year flew by so quickly. I hope everyone had a prosperous year and I wish you the best in the year 2009! Have a very Happy New Year!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Shareapic and Social Networking

It's the end of the year and I am cleaning house. I have been reexamining a lot of the social networks and revenue sharing programs I have been involved in this past year. My goal has been to decide whether or not to continue using these programs in 2009 or dump the program entirely. One of the programs on my list or revenue sharing programs is Shareapic.

Shareapic is one of the programs, I began taking a second look at in late September 2008. My earnings were pretty dismal even though I had 27 referrals and over a year of picture sharing. I barely made over $5.00 (five dollars). Bummer, it would take me another three years to reach the minimum payout. But, not necessarily the case now as depicted in the image above (my screen shot of earning for yesterday). I have made twice as much in the past 3 months by using Shareapic in my social networking communities instead of only on my Anime Photo Galleries and More.

Over the past three months, I have been experimenting with using Shareapic in my social networking communities. The results were impressive and even better, I haven't even begun to incorporate my tactics in all my social networks.

A few months back, I had deleted all kinds of widgets and gadgets from my social networking profiles. It was all part of my plan to change my profile page into a faster loading page with tons of useful information similar to a website vs a flashing billboard with tons of widgets and banners. During this process photo cubes and slide shows were deleted because both caused my profile pages to load extremely slow.

I could still use photo bucket to upload pictures and share them with my friends but have you even noticed the amount of exceeded bandwidth images you see? Of course, an upgraded membership would solve the problem but I don't want to pay for it. My solution was to upload my photographs directly to the website but this is very time consuming. My solution, in the end was to create a family photo album on Shareapic. Not only do I earn with impressions but it offered me unlimited bandwidth and free hosting.

This is my entire family photo album I created on Shareapic. So far, I have only uploaded 51 photographs and I don't use the entire album on my social networking profile. Instead I share some of them and a link to my complete album. So, even if I don't add any new photographs to my social networking profile, my friends can easily click the link and see if I added any new photos.

As you can see, my girls (Jenny, Gina and Julie Sue) are the hams of the family. I'm pretty camera shy and so are my boys. I was surprised at how many people were actually browsing through my photo gallery.

Another tactic I started using in my social networking communities was using my photographs I uploaded into my Shareapic albums to drop comments. I used to use places like to grab a myspace comment to drop a message to my friends. Below are some examples of the comments I use now. The images are all from the albums I created on Shareapic. Once I grab the code for the photograph, I can add some text and a link if I want to.

Anime Warrior Girls
Have a great day

Have a great day

see more cute guys
Have a great weekend!

See more DOG pics
Have a great weekend!

Anime Girls Christmas Album

The cool thing about creating comments from the images on Shareapic is the size of the comment. One of the biggest issues I have with comments is how so many are so large, they cause my profile page to go out of whack. Yes, html still gives me a headache. Shame on me for not getting with the program. Awww, another New Year's resolution, the same one I made last year and didn't keep. Take some basic HTML classes.

I bet you are wondering how much time this will require. It doesn't take as much time as you think. If you have 100 images of the cats, dogs, cars, etc saved on your hard drive, it's simply a matter of signing up for a Shareapic account, creating an album and uploading the photographs.

I have other tips for using Shareapic in social networking communities but I haven't used them enough to know for sure how effective they would be. There is the Quickpost method available on Shareapic. Quickpost allows me to easily post my Shareapic albums on a number of social networking communities. I haven't really use this option like I should be.

I will definitely be taking advantage of the Quickpost option in 2009. After all, I am already a member of most of the social sites listed. I can quickpost my albums to Myspace, Facebook, Blogger, Bebo, Friendster, Live Journal, Vox, PageFlakes, etc.

I have posted my albums in blogs in some of the social networking communities I am a member of but I guess I could probably post it as a bulletin too! Something like I just created a new photo gallery of "WHATEVER", stop on by and check it out. Or I just added new photographs to "MY FAMILY ALBUM".

In all fairness, I should mention some of the things I do not like about Shareapic. I can't edit my photographs. There is no cropping, no red eye reduction or no resizing etc. I do not have a privacy feature. My albums are open to the public and anyone can view my photographs. I can not change the name of a photo album. If I have a typo and call an album DOSG instead of DOGS, my only option is to live with the typo or delete the entire album and recreate it. Even though, I dislike the lack of editing and privacy, it's really not an issue for me. I can easily use other photo sharing websites for editing and privacy and use Shareapic strictly for the revenue sharing.