Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Friendswin Cutting Edge Technology

When I was invited to join Friendswin I jumped at the opportunity. This site promises to be the wave of the future. I am looking forward to using the tools Friendswin will have available to network my business interests and make new friends.
Right now you can join as an INDEPENDENT MARKETING REP (IMR) for! All you have to do is market Friendswin Video Enabled Social Network and its awesome functionality to new Subscribers. It's cutting edge, with video dating, video conferencing, video resumes all coming soon, and with the best social networking functions in the business! And until 12/31/2007, it's free to become an IMR! (It's normally $49.95 for Friendswin marketing support tools.)
I personally think this social networking community will be a lot of fun. I also think I have a great opportunity to earn some cash because I leaped on board! As I mentioned quite a few times my favorite social networking communities are the ones which give me the opportunity to earn money. It's even better when the memberships are FREE.

What Is So Special About Lazzeo

Lazzeo Community - Where the users EARN! Get Involved!

Lazzeo was designed for members of this social networking community to earn. Members of Lazzeo who are active will earn from all the advertising revenue generated by Lazzeo for simply performing the activities they already enjoy doing. Also, Lazzeo allows its members to place their own advertising programs such as google or yahoo ads, on their profile, for free.

PLUS Lazzeo is now going to give their members the ability to earn 85% of the advertising revenue generated by Lazzeo. Lazzeo has created a VIP membership for members who are serious about earning on Lazzeo. The VIP membership will enable members to collect their share of the 85% advertising revenue generated. Lazzeo will be charging a small fee of $5.99 per month for the VIP because Lazzeo is looking for individuals who are serious about using Lazzeo to earn much more than the monthly subscription fee for Lazzeo's VIP membership.

Lazzeo Community - Where the users EARN! Get Involved!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sometimes It's Hard To Avoid Temptation

I have been sticking to my guns about joining another community until I had backtracked and updated all the communities I am already a member of. Well, tonight I couldn't resist temptation when I saw the following news article and said "What the Heck! I'm in." It's new! Looks like fun and I can earn Zoops!

Any News About Social Networking Interests Me

I love reading about all the latest social networking trends. I get especially excited when I see any reference to the business aspect of social networking communities. What impressed me most about this article is the 40% increase in social networking communities over the past year. There are almost 5000 of these communities online today. WOW...there's no way possible I can be a member of all of them or can I?