Friday, December 21, 2007

My Social Networking News

I am so tired of people who ruin a good thing for honest, hardworking people. Fun Advice was a Google Adsense revenue sharing program until recently. But things have changed. This is the message currently being posted where you would normally add your Google publisher id.

This has been discontinued due to abuse.
Were you participating in the program prior to it's close?
The adsense revenue sharing feature is still active for all members that signed up previously.

What a bummer. Fun Advice was a cool way and easy way to earn some Google cash. I don't think it's really fair not to include new members because of someone else's stupidity. I can still earn but I can't offer my friends the same opportunity.

Biz Mingle announced it was closing it's doors last weekend. The owner has a new project and his expectations for his social network didn't pan out. The site didn't have a revenue sharing program but it was another place to meet new people.

I took a break from visiting Friends for cash because I was spending way to much time playing their arcade games. Shame on me and my addictive nature to games. Yes, I am a recovered Tetris addict. I figured it was in my best interest to avoid temptation and stay on task.

If you join Friends for Cash, I will earn 25 cents for referring you. If you can refer 4 of your friends to join, you just made yourself a dollar!

Christmas is a few days away. I guess it's time for me to take a break from my "virtual" social networking and get ready to socialize in the real world.