Monday, December 31, 2007

My Top Ten Card Droppers on Entrecard

It looks like I am one of top card droppers on Yimto Affiliate Marketing Blog. So, as per the rules I am tagging my top ten card droppers on Entrecard. I'm making this short and sweet!

So, here are the simple rules of this Meme:
1. Post your Top 10 Dropper's Blogs, and write a little comment about them, which you could use as a recommendation should you choose :)

2. Message them with the Entrecard message system to let them know that they have been tagged, and encourage them to continue the chain. (and thank them for dropping so many cards:P)

3. Include a link to the Entrecard Meme article of the person who tagged you

4. Include a link to this original post
The Entrecard Top 10 Card Droppers Meme @

5. Drop your card on your Top 10's sites, if you haven't already :P

6. Drop cards on the other sites that were tagged along with you if you wish, as they will probably drop back :)

7. Copy these rules onto your post, so that others can easily participate!

And that's it! So get tagging!

Here are my Top Card droppers! Thanks for dropping by so often. :}

CK Marketing One of my favorite blogs to visit because I learn something new each and every time. The Wordpress tutorials are my favorite posts. Somehow Wordpress doesn't look as confusing to the newbie like me.

Malewail A mixture of humor, reviews and making money. Very fun and amusing blog. Besides, as a women I am curious to see what exactly the male perspective is.

Yimto Affiliate Marketing Blog The posts are a joy to read and I especially love the blog reviews.

Toast & Egg & Me Lots of useful resources for making money as a freelancer. The latest posts about traffic on Blog Catalog and MyBlogLog have been interesting.

MY Blog - I love the design, it makes me happy. Great posts, wide variety of topics.

One Rich GamerI don't play games as much as I used to but I still enjoy reading what's happening in the gaming world.

Internet DreamerOne of my favorite blogs to visit. Especially loved the resignation post. Made me laugh like crazy.

Joan JoyceGreat design and tons of interesting articles to read.

No nonsense Internet Tips Lots of useful information and some pretty awesome tips.

Xavier Media BlogA whole lot of topics to read on this blog. Plus, an entrecard contest. The new contest got same rules as the last one: drop your card at this site and you can be the lucky winner of 100 EntreCard credits. Seven winners will be announced next Friday (the 5th of January 2008). Drop your card and be happy :)!

It's been a pleasure visiting all your blogs today. With the holiday season behind me, I definitely have more time to drop cards.


Anonymous said...

Get tips, thanks for posting this is just what I have been looking for. thanks


Tim said...

Thanks for participating, and Thanks for being one of my top droppers :)

Keep up the great work!

p.s. It's Yimto, not Yimato ;)