Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cyber Bullies, Flamers, Phishers, and Spammers, Oh My!

As if life wasn't difficult enough in the real world with the daily grind of dealing with rude people, junk mail and telemarketers and really bad drivers on cellphones. Now we are faced with cyber bullies, flamers, phishers, cybersmears, trolls and spammers in cyberspace. Some people just lack social etiquette and the rest of us have to be subjected to their behavior. Bummer for us.

Regardless of the havoc these people may inflict on my life on any given day, I decided to indulge myself and see how they are described in the Urban Dictionary. There's nothing like a little laughter in the morning. Maybe somehow it will make me more productive.


Any person who uses a computer to illegally acquire another persons personal information such as social insurance number, password to protected websites, credit card numbers, etc...

If newbies don't learn what's up with the internet they are going to get scammed by phishers left, right, and center.


A person who, on a message forum of some type, attacks and flames other members of the forum for any of a number of reasons. A real Flamer usually attacks threads because he/she disagrees with the content of the thread or the lack thereof. The difference between a Flamer and somebody who merely disagrees is that a flamer is inappropriate in their responses.They must not be confused with Trolls.


A moron who sends out E-mails, filling up your in box so you can't find any real E-mail.

Quite possibly one of the lowest forms of life around. Fills the email boxes of people with offers for increasing the size of male genitals, mortgage refinancing, credit, links to pages displaying every kind of sexual act known to humans, and among other things, pills.

A clever, diabolical person who gets free non-stop advertisement across the globe in millions of peoples electronic mail boxes.

Goodness, I certainly found a lot of interesting and amusing definitions of words I didn't even know existed. It also got me to thinking, isn't there some kind of code of conduct or etiquette guide?

Oh yeah! THE CORE RULES OF NETIQUETTE I wonder if I would be labeled a spammer or a cyber-bully if I started hitting the reply button and sending the Netiquette back to all those spammers.

Hmmmm, maybe I could use it as my own little TOS (terms of service) before I accept anyone as a friend in my social networking haunts. LOL

Oh well, maybe I will just digg it!