Friday, December 14, 2007

Your Request To Become Friends Has Been Declined!

Just wanted to share a funny story with you. This happened to
a very good friend of mine. I can't help but to laugh every
time I think about it.

He made the mistake of sending a friend's request to some one
I would say was "anti-avatar". Not only did the recipient
refuse the invitation but he made it quite clear he was NOT
interested in developing a friendship with a freaking cartoon
character. Hahahaha! He only had time for people who didn't
hide behind a facade.

I think avatars are cool. I don't think everyone HAS to put
their own picture out there on the web. People are entitled
to their anonymity. I certainly don't think someone should be
read the riot act because they are using an animated avatar.
Come on now, who doesn't like those animated avatars?

Avatars allow us to express ourselves, promote our business
and show off our artistic creativity.

Should I base my friendship on some one's avatar? I don't
think so. Sometimes, it is the reason I befriend some
one. We share a common interest.

What are your thoughts? Have you declined friendships
because you didn't like their avatar?

Yes, I have been declined friendships requests as well. My all
favorite explanation was "I'm sorry I am not currently accepting
friendship requests at this time."

Geesh! I wasn't applying for a job!


Sam Freedom said...

Not everyone is interested in having the faceless masses know their personal details. An avatar both solves that AND can be a fun way of expressing oneself in new ways.

I think we all know there are all kinds of people and some of them are just uptight. No big deal... just politely thank them for showing their true paranoia and self-loathing up front rather than by suprise several years down the road. ;-)


Debo Hobo dot Com said...

Avatar are fun, I use images ones that are not of me on my blogs most often. And I decline or accept friendships based on what the avatar looks like, just like in real life. shallow? perhap.

Menopauseprincess said...

Nope, don't care if there's an avatar or not; been known to have one myself.

Plus, an avatar gives me a chance to be a perfect version of myself; how many chances do you get to do that these days (with minimal effort?)