Thursday, February 28, 2008

Social Networks for Bikers

Bike week 2008 has officially started in Daytona Beach Florida today. I won't be attending the festivities there this year but I do plan on checking out the local biker events here in Orlando. I'm not to sure how my three year old daughter is going to feel about hearing all those motorcycles. She tends to freak out with loud noises.

The Social Networks for Bikers

If you like to ride, and you are looking for someone else who enjoys biking, you should join Biker Passions. It is 100% FREE online dating & social networking site for meeting motorcycle lovers. is another social network for bikers. Meet people, blog, share photos, share videos and create and join groups. was launched on December 23, 2007. You can meet members, blog, share photos and video, take polls, post classifieds, forums and see upcoming events.

At Riders Connect, you can browse member profiles, share photos, blog, use the forum, rate photos, take polls and quizzes, find music, join or create groups. Membership is free, so enjoy.

Join one of the world's largest social networks for bikers. At Biker Worlds you can meet other bikers, share photos, videos, blog, create groups, use the forums and just have fun.

Create a private community on and you can share photos, blogs and interests with your growing network of mutual friends!

Motorcycle Junction is another biker social network. Some of the site's feature are limited if you are a free member, you would need to upgrade to enjoy all the features.

Harley Social is the unofficial Harley Social Network. Besides social networking, you can showcase your band, listen to Harley radio or submit your blog.

With CycleSpace you can be apart of a community that is dedicated solely to motorcycle enthusiasts. Membership is free, and you will be able to do so much more with our site, and meet others riders from across the country.

Motorcycle Syndicate is a social network that connects you with other motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.

Cycle Shake is the motorcycle enthusiasts web community to make Friends, organize rides, attend events, buy and sell gear, share stories, blogs, classifieds and more!

IRONASS.ORG. is the online social network for motorcycle enthusiasts. Enjoy a number of community features.

If you are more interested in Biker Forums than in Motorcycle Social Networks you can visit my hub.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Social Networks and Forums for Car Enthusiasts

There's plenty of social networks and forums out there for the car enthusiast. In my humble opinion, the benefits of being a member of a car online community can be the difference between being stranded, ripped off or taken for a ride. I believe it's important for people to learn a little bit about their cars like basic maintenance tips and a general knowledge of how a car runs. I'm not suggested everyone has to be ASE certified mechanic but you should know basic CPR for your car. You can really learn a lot just by socializing with others in automobile social networks.

Social networks and forums for car owners and enthusiasts to view and read all about cars, socialize, upload car photos and videos, chat, blog, and make new friends.

The Social Networks

My Own Car Show is a great place to show off your ride if you own a hot rod, classic automobile or an antique car.

VehicleVoice offers automobile enthusiasts a place to share their opinions and to bring others with similar interests together. You can also participate in surveys or simply use the community to socialize.

CarSpace is another social networking to connect with automotive enthusiasts who share your passion for cars.

If you are looking to meet other people who also have an interest in automobiles, Car Passions is the site for you.

Classic Car Dating is the social networking and dating site for lovers of classic cars. Find someone who understands your passion for cars.

Classic Motorsports Community participate in the forums, post your clubs, events and so much more.

Zoopedup Cyber Garages is a social network for people living the modified car life style.

CarBlabber is an automobile social network created for women. It's the latest addition to the ASK PATTY website full of tools and information to tach women about cars and maintaining them.

The Car Forums

Car Forum World is a great place to talk about cars and car repair.

As a member of MY CAR FORUM, you can use the forum, post reviews, post classifieds and receive exclusive offers for members only.

If you are having car troubles, a great place to visit would be repair guide forums. View classifieds, automotive links and post on the message boards.

Car Forum World is another great forum to talk about car care and repair. Plenty of topics to browse and read.

Automotive Forums has over 1700 separate car forums for very in-depth and specific discussions which you can read and participate in at absolutely no charge mission is to educate and inform consumers on the process of maintaining and purchasing automobiles. is one of the fastest growing automotive communities on the internet. You will find topics covering all aspects of cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Car Forums is a place where enthusiasts meet & discuss sports cars, exotic cars, luxury cars, classic cars, concept cars, import cars, muscle cars and buy & sell vehicles

Another great forum and I love their easy to navigate forum. Just locate the make of your car on the Adboardz homepage.

You can find plenty of places to interact with other car enthusiasts online. The Ning community has a ton of social networks created for car enthusiasts. A lot of larger social networks have groups created by their members to express their love of cars. You can also check Yahoo Groups and Yahoo Meetups for car clubs and groups. I only added a few social networks and forums above but I will be added more from time to time. If you have a favorite network or forum you would like to share, please leave it in a comment.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Social Networks for NASCAR Fans

It's really difficult as an Orlando resident to be oblivious to the start of the NASCAR race season. After all, most people attending the races in Daytona Beach, Florida wind up in Orlando too! Orlando pretty much gets swamped with NASCAR fans leaving the races to visit Disney, Sea World or Universal Studios.

So, now that NASCAR is embedded in my brain, I thought I would share some really cool social networks for NASCAR Fans. Sure, you may find groups in the larger social networks but now you can enjoy social networks created specifically for the NASCAR Fan.

What all these social networks have in common is their dedication to provide you with access to a ton of NASCAR news,information, discounts and sometimes perks. Just like any other social network you can design your profile, share photos, shares videos, blog, chat, visit the forums and have meet new people.

Here's a list of some of the social networks I have found dedicated to the NASCAR Race fans. Please feel free to share your favorite NASCAR community if I haven't already listed it.

Official NASCAR Members Club Community

Dating NASCAR Lovers

Infield Parking




I know everyone isn't a fan of social networks so I wanted to share a few Nascar forums too. NASCAR Forums on JRB Sport, NASCAR Space,GoTeamsGo-NASCAR, and NFP-NASCAR Frontpage.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Exploring Green Back Street Social Network

I'm still exploring and don't have all the details to share but I think I'm really going to like this newly discovered social network. It has shopping, socializing and games to play. Sounds cool, right?

I always liked shopping online and finding the best prices. In GreenBackStreet, I can search and compare prices before buying and get cash back on my purchases too. I noticed a couple of customer reviews for products and stores on the site too! This will come in handy when I am not really sure about the reputation of a store or the quality of a product. Customer reviews definitely make my life easier.

The search options are pretty nifty on GreenBackStreet. The drop down menu allows me to search by product name, store name, local stores by zip code, reviews, people or wikiMalls. My search results will include the store name, what the cash rebate is, list any specials and if the store offers free shipping.

I was checking out the wikiMalls. Not entirely sure what they are exactly, but it's a wiki....who doesn't love a good wiki? I'm kidding. It's actually pretty neat. I can create or join a wikiMall tailored to my personal shopping preferences. There's a wikiMall for bikers and it consisted of stores selling merchandise a biker might be looking for. Some of the stores listed were JC Whitney, Wilsons Leather, Motorcycle SuperWorld, and Boot Barn.

My community page looks pretty limited as far as customization goes. It consists of a profile picture and some basic information about myself. I didn't see any options to design my own layout. I haven't done anything to my page yet, I was busy browsing the wikiMalls and shops. I'm exploring! If and when I finish my profile page, it would consist of my favorite stores, my wikiMalls, my friends, my reviews and comments I have received. I guess I better get busy and make myself at home.

The games section wasn't what I expected. I assumed the games would be the standard arcades found in other social networks. Instead, there was a prize wheel to spin. Everyday, I have the opportunity to spin the wheel for points. If I happen to accumulate the most points for the day, I win the daily cash prize. Looking at the statistics posted on the website, there seems to be three daily cash prises. I saw daily winners for a $40, $10 and $5 cash prize. After I spun the wheel, I had the opportunity to earn some more free spins by answering a few questions. I earned some more points, I wonder if I will be the daily cash prize winner?

The other game available is Shoppers Rewards. If I make a purchase in one of the GreenbackStreet stores, I earn an entry. The entry is for the monthly prize drawing. The previous monthly I saw posted on the website were a digital camera, a G-Pod Brewer and a Tranquil Moments Sound Therapy System. I would also earn an entry for every $10 I spend after my initial purchase entry. If I spend $100.00, I would have a total of 10 entries in the monthly drawing. The more I shop, the more entries I would earn.

An added bonus is the referral perks. Whenever people I refer shop, they earn Cash Back and I will earn Referral Cash Back on their shopping and services purchases! I'm not very happy with the current referral methods available. I can invite people personally via email or send people directly to the website. If I send people to the website, they need to enter my promo code (# 80049) in order for me to be eligible for the referral earnings. Not sure how many people will bother to enter my promo code. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

5 Ways To Make Money in Social Networks

There are plenty of social networks out there in cyberspace and a number of ways to make money as a member. I'm going to share some of the ways you can start using social networks to earn some extra cash online.

Use Your Profile to Promote Your Business
Almost every social network comes with your very own profile page. You should consider this space as your own little billboard and take advantage of the free advertising space. Not only is it free space, but it's permanent advertising! Unlike classified ads where you have to post on a regular basis.
Your photo should be a nice head shot or a company logo. Take the time to write a professional "about me" section. Share some information about your business and your experience. You can use the blogs and bulletins to post direct links to your website.Spend some time joining or creating groups to interact with other members in the social network. Some networks have forums and the option to chat as well. Use all the social networking features to your advantage. Most importantly socialize and have fun with other members in the community.

Get Paid To Participate
New social networks are popping up with monetary incentives for their members. Paid forums like MYLOT pay you to post discussions and to respond to other members discussions. The amount you earn there depends on your participation and the quality of your posts. You also earn a commission of the earnings people you refer make. Yuwie is another relatively new social network very similar to Myspace, the big difference is you will be getting paid to do the things you normally do in any other social network. Again, the amount you earn will depend on the amount of time and participation you commit too.

Revenue Sharing
Some networks have a revenue sharing program in place. Members have the option of participating and earning a share of the revenue generated in the social network. Most of these communities are strictly Google adsense revenue sharing programs but some of them do give you the option of using another ad network such as Yahoo or Bidvertiser. The way this programs works is, you have a section on your personal profile to copy and paste your sponsored ads. You would earn a share of the revenue generated from ads clicked on your profile page. Your share normally ranges between 50-100%. Sales Spider and Dada are strictly Google adsense revenue sharing social networks but Lazzeo and Bizpreneur include other sponsored ad networks. The choice is yours to make.

Refer Other Members
Some networks pay you a flat out fee to refer others. In a previous post, I listed some social networks that were paying $1.00 per referral. Other networks like Yuwie, Dada and Mylot will pay you a commission on whatever the earnings are for the members you refer. If you have active referrals, you can easily make a nice chump of change without much effort other than referring others. If you are in a church group, PTA or involved with any other off line activity, you can easily join a social network and invite these people to join you online. Create a private group and interact online.

Create Your Own Social Networks
Oh my I tried this a few months back and I kind of put it on the back burner. Places like Ning and Snappville (previously allow you to set up your very own social network. I'm a member of Ning but only as a member of social networks created by other people. Anyone can create a social network but you do have to pay for a premium service to have the option to run ads on your network.
I'm a little more familiar with Snappville. This is where I created my social networks. I didn't have to pay any fees to create the Lingerie Lounge and Anime Fetish communities. I do participate in the Google Adsense revenue sharing program there and earn a 50% share of the revenue generated from my community. Creating a social network there is fairly easy but you would need to make an effort to promote your social network and recruit new members.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Most Parents Worry About Their Kids Safety in Social Networks

I ran across this article today and thought I would share it since I have children of my own. The article is in regards to teens and where they are most likely to be victimized online. I talk to my kids all the time about the possible dangers they could face online. I think it's important as a parent to always talk about it and constantly remind them to be safe and come to me anytime. I'll always be there for them no matter what. Do you talk to your kids? My kids say I'm a pain but I think they still love me! (smile)

Read the articles!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Website Promotion on Zion5

Sometimes a social network that looks so plain turns out to be a pretty effective way to market yourself online. Zion5 is the perfect example. Call me nosy but I like knowing what other people are promoting online. Sure, I can see what they are promoting by visiting their profiles on social networks, visiting their websites or blogs or being bombarded with a ton of emails the same program over and over again. But on Zion5, I can see who's in what program, how many people are in it and how popular it is.

The first column are my personal websites I have added to my Zion5 profile. The second column is the most popular programs Zion5 members are in and the third column is the most recently added websites. I find this information very resourceful. Sometimes, I see a program promoted every where or at least, it seems that way. But then, I see it on Zion5 and only 3 people are promoting it. It kind of makes me wonders if there is something bogus about this program especially if my originally perception was a ton of people were in it and it was a money maker.

I can click on any link in the three columns. When I do, I will see who added the program first and I will be able to see what other members are in the same program. If I am the first one to add a website to the Zion5 database, my link will be the one that everyone clicks. If someone else promotes the same website, everyone in my downline that clicks will still click my link and everyone in the other persons downline will click theirs. People that are not in either downline will click my link because I listed it first!!

I absolutely love that perk! Currently, there are close to 8000 members and everyone seems to be scrambling to be the first to add their website links. I can't blame them, I am too! I haven't gone pro yet but it is very tempting. The reasons why I was considering upgrading my account is because I would have the opportunity to earn commissions every single month, get unlimited advertising and really build a contact list.

I recently received an email in regards to revenue sharing and some other membership perks to be added soon. Zion5 seems like a really good program whether or not I decide to remain a free member or upgrade to a pro member.