Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Website Promotion on Zion5

Sometimes a social network that looks so plain turns out to be a pretty effective way to market yourself online. Zion5 is the perfect example. Call me nosy but I like knowing what other people are promoting online. Sure, I can see what they are promoting by visiting their profiles on social networks, visiting their websites or blogs or being bombarded with a ton of emails the same program over and over again. But on Zion5, I can see who's in what program, how many people are in it and how popular it is.

The first column are my personal websites I have added to my Zion5 profile. The second column is the most popular programs Zion5 members are in and the third column is the most recently added websites. I find this information very resourceful. Sometimes, I see a program promoted every where or at least, it seems that way. But then, I see it on Zion5 and only 3 people are promoting it. It kind of makes me wonders if there is something bogus about this program especially if my originally perception was a ton of people were in it and it was a money maker.

I can click on any link in the three columns. When I do, I will see who added the program first and I will be able to see what other members are in the same program. If I am the first one to add a website to the Zion5 database, my link will be the one that everyone clicks. If someone else promotes the same website, everyone in my downline that clicks will still click my link and everyone in the other persons downline will click theirs. People that are not in either downline will click my link because I listed it first!!

I absolutely love that perk! Currently, there are close to 8000 members and everyone seems to be scrambling to be the first to add their website links. I can't blame them, I am too! I haven't gone pro yet but it is very tempting. The reasons why I was considering upgrading my account is because I would have the opportunity to earn commissions every single month, get unlimited advertising and really build a contact list.

I recently received an email in regards to revenue sharing and some other membership perks to be added soon. Zion5 seems like a really good program whether or not I decide to remain a free member or upgrade to a pro member.


ArahMan7 said...

Hi Susan,

Long time no news. What's up, my friend? Hope you're in the best of health.

Read my latest post on Web Directory. It's a new social network. I'm sure you gonna like it. Please join via this link:
Qassia - Intelligence Engine

It's just like your Zion5.

Hope to hear from you soon. Greetings and lots of love from Malaysia.

soundtrackgeek said...

That was an interesting post. Also, check out Project Wonderful. They have stats for each user participating there and you can see exactly where each user get their traffic from. Very informative.

Susan Parr said...

@arahman7, Another friend of mine convinced me to sign up for Qassia a few hours ago.

@soundtrackgeek thanks, I have been meaning to sign up but I have been procrastinating. I'll stop by and check it out on your blog.

miss_moneymaker said...

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Hope to see you there.

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