Thursday, January 31, 2008

Entrecard Has Been Good To Me

I have been using Entrecard for a little over a month. It has definitely made a difference in the amount of traffic I received to my blog on a daily basis. Most importantly, it has exposed me to some pretty awesome blogs. This is priceless to me because I am just starting out as a blogger and making plenty of mistakes. I love reading the tips and tricks the more seasoned bloggers have to share. A lot of them have even posting tips for making the best of my Entrecard membership.

Entrecard generates traffic to your site via card drops. Everyone who signs up gets a 125 X 125 ad space (card). You can create a standard entrecard ad in your back office, design your own or you can have someone else create one for you.

The beauty of the program is you receive visits from other Entrecard users who drop their card. Each card they drop earns you a credit. For every card you drop on another blog, you will receive a credit too! You can then use your credits to obtain a 24 hour advertising spot on a blog of your choice. Well, if they accept your offer. Some people will reject your request for an advertising spot.

I have had a few rejections. I don't take them personally. Some people only want to display ads which are relevant to the content on their website. Although, someone did reject my request for advertising because it didn't fit into their blog design. I was amused because my ad wasn't the right color! I'm not picky about the advertising on my blog. I don't see a reason to be so anal about who does and does not advertise on my site. In actuality, it's a 24 hour spot! It's not a permanent link exchange.

If you happen to look at my stats, you will see my average advert is approved in 5 hours, 0.00% of advert requests are declined and 1.82% of approved requests declined. Awww, you must be wondering about the 1.82%. But wait, I can explain. I'm not the self proclaimed chronic entrecard dropper like some other users are. I average about 150 cards a day. The chronic droppers drop the maximum allowed everyday which is 300. So, my credits are precious to me. If I request advertising on someone's blog and they don't respond in 7 days, I cancel my request. That's a pretty generous time frame because most people probably wouldn't wait an entire week for a response.

I'm a little more careful about where I advertise now. I am now paying closer attention to the drop rank. Besides letting me know what kind of card dropper the person is, I get a good laugh at the actual rankings. I mentioned chronic droppers but it's not the term used in ranking. Someone who drops a lot of cards like Yimto actually has a drop rank of "Deeply committed - Deadly serious. A drop master!" Chris (1 Million in 365 Days)currently has a drop rank of "A dedicated dropper with a hint of addiction" and like I said earlier I am active everyday but hardly ever reach the 300 maximum per day. My current drop rank is "Takes dropping Very Very Seriously". What's your current drop rank? Care to share?

Since it's the end of the month, I want to give kudos to the top 10 card droppers on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by so often and to show my appreciation, I decided to add a permanent list of my top ten card droppers for the month on my blog directly under my entrecard widget. The current list will be on my blog all month. On February 29, 2008, I will update my list to reflect the new top 10 entrecard droppers. A special thank you to Stan Haye author of Fantasy Baseball for messaging me when my entrecard was missing and to let me know you had trouble finding it on another visit. Thanks for looking out for me.

Thanks to ArahMan7, Sam, Colin and Mike for their recommendations. A big thank you to Shari Thomas (blogs) Ask Me Why... Work From Home (Internet Marketing) Let's do Business with Real Online Companies (Make Money Online) Shari's Gone Country (Personal Diary) Ask Shari About PGA Tour Fantasy Golf (Sports) Success Notes (Books} I placed an advertisement on her page and I WON 200 credits! She has set up her very own "Advertisers Loyalty Program". It's her way of showing her saying thank you for doing business with her.


Who We Are said...

Thanks for the mention.

Lightening said...

I'm finding it really interesting to read people's impressions of the program. Most people seem very positive. :)

ArahMan7 said...

Hola Susan,

Long time no hear from you? Hope you're in the best of health.

Anyway, just noticed this post. Thank you for mentioning me. Really appreciate it.

See you around.

Greetings and lots of love from Malaysia.