Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How To Get Some FeedBack on Your Website

A good way to get some feedback on your blog, website or social networking profile would be to create a survey or poll for visitors to complete. Whether you are looking for their opinion of your site, an idea for your next post or what your visitors are looking for, this would be an ideal situation to use a survey or poll on your website.

I would recommend using the services offered by I visited their website today and was impressed. You can create a survey and poll without any gaudy banners or visible ads. No downloads are required. Everything you need is on their website and accessible at any time.

Once you have created your poll or survey, you can place it on your personal website, blog or social networks. Surveys and polls are compatible on blogger, Myspace, Xanga and many other social networks.

Oh, did I mention this was a completely free service?