Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Social Networks and Forums for Car Enthusiasts

There's plenty of social networks and forums out there for the car enthusiast. In my humble opinion, the benefits of being a member of a car online community can be the difference between being stranded, ripped off or taken for a ride. I believe it's important for people to learn a little bit about their cars like basic maintenance tips and a general knowledge of how a car runs. I'm not suggested everyone has to be ASE certified mechanic but you should know basic CPR for your car. You can really learn a lot just by socializing with others in automobile social networks.

Social networks and forums for car owners and enthusiasts to view and read all about cars, socialize, upload car photos and videos, chat, blog, and make new friends.

The Social Networks

My Own Car Show is a great place to show off your ride if you own a hot rod, classic automobile or an antique car.

VehicleVoice offers automobile enthusiasts a place to share their opinions and to bring others with similar interests together. You can also participate in surveys or simply use the community to socialize.

CarSpace is another social networking to connect with automotive enthusiasts who share your passion for cars.

If you are looking to meet other people who also have an interest in automobiles, Car Passions is the site for you.

Classic Car Dating is the social networking and dating site for lovers of classic cars. Find someone who understands your passion for cars.

Classic Motorsports Community participate in the forums, post your clubs, events and so much more.

Zoopedup Cyber Garages is a social network for people living the modified car life style.

CarBlabber is an automobile social network created for women. It's the latest addition to the ASK PATTY website full of tools and information to tach women about cars and maintaining them.

The Car Forums

Car Forum World is a great place to talk about cars and car repair.

As a member of MY CAR FORUM, you can use the forum, post reviews, post classifieds and receive exclusive offers for members only.

If you are having car troubles, a great place to visit would be repair guide forums. View classifieds, automotive links and post on the message boards.

Car Forum World is another great forum to talk about car care and repair. Plenty of topics to browse and read.

Automotive Forums has over 1700 separate car forums for very in-depth and specific discussions which you can read and participate in at absolutely no charge mission is to educate and inform consumers on the process of maintaining and purchasing automobiles. is one of the fastest growing automotive communities on the internet. You will find topics covering all aspects of cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Car Forums is a place where enthusiasts meet & discuss sports cars, exotic cars, luxury cars, classic cars, concept cars, import cars, muscle cars and buy & sell vehicles

Another great forum and I love their easy to navigate forum. Just locate the make of your car on the Adboardz homepage.

You can find plenty of places to interact with other car enthusiasts online. The Ning community has a ton of social networks created for car enthusiasts. A lot of larger social networks have groups created by their members to express their love of cars. You can also check Yahoo Groups and Yahoo Meetups for car clubs and groups. I only added a few social networks and forums above but I will be added more from time to time. If you have a favorite network or forum you would like to share, please leave it in a comment.