Monday, February 18, 2008

Exploring Green Back Street Social Network

I'm still exploring and don't have all the details to share but I think I'm really going to like this newly discovered social network. It has shopping, socializing and games to play. Sounds cool, right?

I always liked shopping online and finding the best prices. In GreenBackStreet, I can search and compare prices before buying and get cash back on my purchases too. I noticed a couple of customer reviews for products and stores on the site too! This will come in handy when I am not really sure about the reputation of a store or the quality of a product. Customer reviews definitely make my life easier.

The search options are pretty nifty on GreenBackStreet. The drop down menu allows me to search by product name, store name, local stores by zip code, reviews, people or wikiMalls. My search results will include the store name, what the cash rebate is, list any specials and if the store offers free shipping.

I was checking out the wikiMalls. Not entirely sure what they are exactly, but it's a wiki....who doesn't love a good wiki? I'm kidding. It's actually pretty neat. I can create or join a wikiMall tailored to my personal shopping preferences. There's a wikiMall for bikers and it consisted of stores selling merchandise a biker might be looking for. Some of the stores listed were JC Whitney, Wilsons Leather, Motorcycle SuperWorld, and Boot Barn.

My community page looks pretty limited as far as customization goes. It consists of a profile picture and some basic information about myself. I didn't see any options to design my own layout. I haven't done anything to my page yet, I was busy browsing the wikiMalls and shops. I'm exploring! If and when I finish my profile page, it would consist of my favorite stores, my wikiMalls, my friends, my reviews and comments I have received. I guess I better get busy and make myself at home.

The games section wasn't what I expected. I assumed the games would be the standard arcades found in other social networks. Instead, there was a prize wheel to spin. Everyday, I have the opportunity to spin the wheel for points. If I happen to accumulate the most points for the day, I win the daily cash prize. Looking at the statistics posted on the website, there seems to be three daily cash prises. I saw daily winners for a $40, $10 and $5 cash prize. After I spun the wheel, I had the opportunity to earn some more free spins by answering a few questions. I earned some more points, I wonder if I will be the daily cash prize winner?

The other game available is Shoppers Rewards. If I make a purchase in one of the GreenbackStreet stores, I earn an entry. The entry is for the monthly prize drawing. The previous monthly I saw posted on the website were a digital camera, a G-Pod Brewer and a Tranquil Moments Sound Therapy System. I would also earn an entry for every $10 I spend after my initial purchase entry. If I spend $100.00, I would have a total of 10 entries in the monthly drawing. The more I shop, the more entries I would earn.

An added bonus is the referral perks. Whenever people I refer shop, they earn Cash Back and I will earn Referral Cash Back on their shopping and services purchases! I'm not very happy with the current referral methods available. I can invite people personally via email or send people directly to the website. If I send people to the website, they need to enter my promo code (# 80049) in order for me to be eligible for the referral earnings. Not sure how many people will bother to enter my promo code. I guess I'll have to wait and see.


Dave said...

Hi Susan, I enjoyed reading your post. In regards to your Greenback Street referrals, if you put a forward slash after the main website address, followed by your login name it will set it up such that a new referral will have your promo code already in the application when they join.

I recently created a personal blog to document my own experience with Greenback Street. If you'd like to check it out you can hop on over to

Take care!