Thursday, December 11, 2008

Learning the Ropes at YouSayToo

Yousaytoo is my latest social networking project. I have been a member of this revenue sharing social network for quite sometime but until recently I haven't been very active. I was encouraged to give YouSaytoo another shot when I received an email announcing their latest contest and an another to announce Amazon was being added into the revenue sharing mix.

It's highly unlikely I will claim one of the top ten prizes but I am optimistic about using my profile to earn some extra cash online. I jumped in a little too late to catch up to the top dogs. Cool prizes though! The ten members who have accumulated the most points will win. The prizes up for grabs are 13-inch MacBook, Acer Aspire One laptop, Nintendo Wii, iPod Touch 8GB, Sony PSP 3000, Canon Powershot, Nintendo DS, iPod Shuffle, Digital Photo Frame or a USB Flash drive.

One of the issues I did experience while using YouSayToo was adding a description for my uploaded photos. No big deal, the issue was on entirely on my shoulders. All I had to do was click the yes button after entering my tags. There really isn't any directions and my lack of common sense made it an issue. Some people don't realize the importance of tagging their photos especially in a revenue sharing community.

I am also having a bit of an issue with my rss feeds for my blogs. Most of my posts do appear on my YouSayToo profile but my Anime Photos and More blog has a couple of issues from time to time. I believe it's because images tend to cause hiccups in rss feeds from time to time. Best of all, it's nice to have my friends in the YouSaytoo community reading and commenting on my blogs. Cool beans.

I'm happy to report Lazzeo is back up and running. It will take me at least an hour to catch up on my backlog of link exchange requests. I like exchanging links with other sites and putting the links on my profile page. It's an easy way for me to generate some traffic and add some fresh content to my profile page. It doesn't yield me a lot of visitors but I do get an occasional visit from time to time.

I haven't checked their sister site Bizpreneur yet. I figured I would tackle on site at a time instead of jumping all over the place.