Sunday, August 3, 2008

Today has Been a Lazy Day for me in the World of Social Networking

Today has been one of those days when other projects have kept me busy from my normal social networking routine. I spent the better part of my day dropping cards on entrecard today. It's has been quite sometime since I actually dropped 300 cards. I am happy to report today was one of those mission accomplished days as far as dropping entrecards. I missed reading all the blogs, it's been too long!

Now, I am quite distracted from getting any thing else accomplished because I just joined yet another social network. But, as a women, it was completely irresistible! It's a place to share product reviews, but not just any product! We're talking Total Beauty
products! The things that keep women looking great! I have been reading some of the reviews for products I have wanted to try but either they were too expensive or I wasn't convinced they would work as promised.

I just submitted a review for Garnier Shampoo and was happy to learn I was automatically entered into a chance to win an all-inclusive spa trip to the serene Ceiba del Mar Beach & Spa Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Now, that's what I am talking about!