Monday, August 4, 2008

Cool New Social Networking Site

One of my good friends in the world of social networking invited me to join a new online community she recently became a member of. And who am I to refuse such an offer from a ear friend? Alright! Who am I kidding? I am a wee bit addicted to social networking, so i just HAD to join but I am so glad I did. The community is called Sta.rtUp.Biz and is on the ning network.

There's a slew of interesting topics on social networking and I especially enjoyed this video created by Joseph Parton. I loved the video because Joseph gives some really excellent tips and suggestions for anybody hoping to achieve some marketing success within the social networking realm.

Find more videos like this on KACP-SuccessRadio

Below are some great articles, you can read on about social networking on the Sta.RtUp.Biz network.

1) Social Networking Basics & Etiquette

2) Common Social Networking Mistakes

3) The 10 Commandments of SEO

4) The Ultimate List of Do Follow Forums

5) The 5 Keys to Building a Huge Network on


Patricia Rockwell said...

Thanks for the list. Here's another I would add: