Friday, August 1, 2008

Earnings on Lazzeo Are NOT Automatic

Lazzeo Community - Where the users EARN! Get Involved!

Over the past couple of weeks, a few members have expressed their disappointment with their Lazzeo membership and their inability to make any money there. Unfortunately,there seems to be a little confusion about how members make money social networking in the Lazzeo business social network. In order to rectify the situation, I have decided to explain exactly how members can make money as a member of the Lazzeo social networking community and the different types of memberships. I will try NOT to confuse anyone anymore than they already are. Hopefully, this post will help everyone learn just how easy it really is.

Lazzeo is NOT a paid to participate community where members earn points for participation. Earnings on Lazzeo Are NOT Automatic Members earn money by placing ads on their profile. If they do NOT place ads on their profile, they will NOT be earning any money for social networking unless they have upgraded and paid for a gold or vip membership.

The first thing members should do is log into their Lazzeo account and set up their ads on their profile page. If they are NOT already participating in an ad network program like Google AdSense, Yahoo, or AdBrite, they can easily do so from the Lazzeo website. Members are not obligated to use the ad networks I listed above. Some members are using Bidvertiser, CbProads or simply promoting their favorite affiliate programs. This is how FREE members are making money in Lazzeo.

Every free member has the potential to EARN money social networking on Lazzeo by personally placing ads from their favorite ad network on their profile. The earnings are tracked and paid directly from their ad network. If a member decided to place Google AdSense ads on their profile, they would need to sign into Google AdSense publisher account and track their earnings. Free members do NOT earn a share of the ad revenue for any other ads appearing throughout the Lazzeo community. Simply put, free members only EARN money from the personal ads they have placed on their profile page. That's it! Nothing more. Lazzeo members pick their ad network. They place their ads. They are paid directly from their ad network. No ads, No money! That's just the way it works.

Members have the option to upgrade to a gold membership for a one time fee of $59.99. Once the payment has been completed, no other fees associated with their gold membership will incur. The earning perks of being a gold member are a 15% share of the advertising revenue generated from clicks throughout the entire Lazzeo community and a commission/donation upon the sale of, equivalent to .01% of the after tax value of the website. You can purchase more than one gold membership. A payment plan for purchasing a gold membership is also available.

The VIP membership is another way to earn money in the Lazzeo community. The cost of becoming a VIP member is currently $5.99 per month. VIP Members earn 85% of all advertising revenue generated. Both the VIP and gold memberships are completely optional. Like I already mentioned, earnings are not automatic on Lazzeo, members need to do their part. I strongly recommend reading the terms of service before upgrading your membership. An upgraded membership does NOT guarantee you will earn any additional income. It is based on the earnings of the site. Therefore, if the site does not make money, you will not make money. There are also stipulations about logging in and a minimum balance before you can request a payment.

My suggestion would be to join as a free member and use the site for a few months to see if we enjoy being a member of Lazzeo before investing. I personally enjoy being a member of Lazzeo and have made some great friends there.

One additional way to make money social networking is by recruiting new members to join the Lazzeo community. You will earn $1.00 for each new member you refer. The minimum payment is $15.00. You can request payment through paypal.

In closing, I would just like to say if you are already a member of Lazzeo or are interested in joining, but not too sure where or how to start, please feel free to ask me any questions. I will be happy to help you in a any way I can.


Linda Morton said...


I hadn't hear of Lazzeo so thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Please keep us informed about the money you make from it and the time that you spend on it.

Then if you do well, some others will jump in.