Monday, April 14, 2008

My Lazzeo Update

Two weeks ago, I decided to try and tweak my Lazzeo business social networking profile to see if I could increase my adsense earnings. The plan hasn't gone as well as planned. Two weeks ago, I lost my dsl connection for over a week and I have spent the past week clearing out tons of emails.

I did manage to get one click for $1.37 much better than the normal $.02-$.05 clicks I normally receive there. I'm still working on my profile page and my biggest headache is my lack of html knowledge. It gives me a headache. I'm learning though. It gets easier all the time but geesh, it makes me crazy. One day when I'm super rich and rolling in my internet millions (LOL), I'm going to pay someone else to do all the html code stuff.

I also decided to add my Lazzeo social networking profile to a couple of directories because the membership at Lazzeo isn't as huge as some of the other social networking communities. There's not a whole lot of traffic going on there. I haven't put too much effort into it yet because I am still working on adding my page. I want it to look pretty and load up somewhat fast, although the load time can be a little slow with the AdBrite running on it.

I also created my Lazzeo Tweak Experiment Group. I thought more people would be interested in discussing ways to tweak their profiles and increase their earnings but not too many people joined or changed their profile pages. But then again, I haven't been there much since I created the group.

My biggest pet peeve at Lazzeo is the pimped up profiles. It's really really difficult for me to visit a lot of pages there when I'm using my computer. Some of those pages even load up slow on my son's gaming computer. Some pages have so many widgets, videos, and slideshows, it's just unbearable to sit and wait for it to load.