Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just Because I'm So Proud of My Html Accomplishment

I kind of killed two birds with one stone this past week. I learned a little html code and I organized most of my social networking communities. This was no small feat for me. I haven't finished my list yet but I made a pretty good dent it in. I still have other places I belong that I have added yet.

Places to Find Me Online

This was just the basic list option, maybe once my headache has subsided, I will try and create something a little fancier with a descriptions, and colors and fonts. Oh my! I was just fortunate enough to find this really awesome html website for newbies like me. It even has a little practice area,so you can play around with your html codes and see what it looks like.


Kris said...

How do manage to stay on top of all of these social networks? I can only manage to blog and stay on top of Facebook and LinkedIn.

What are your secrets?

Susan Parr said...

To be honest, I am having a very difficult time but I'm working on a plan and as soon as I figure it all out, I'll clue you in.
But mostly I like checking them out and my friends are always sending invites from some newly launched network and telling me, you HAVE to join. (lol)
I really don't think it's possible to be "active" in all of them but the good news is you do get some free internet space to call your own.

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Susan,

This site is looking good! It comes clean and well set up. easy to read too.

Congratulations! You're learning more than one new thing in a day.That's 50% higher than average.

Take a rest sometime.:-) --Durano, done!