Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just Found Another Revenue Sharing Social Network GIZter

I had a busy weekend and spent the past two days playing catch up with my online endeavors. My plans for today include trying to learn my way around Gizter. It's one of the most recent social networks I joined over the past week.

I had a good laugh when I signed in this morning. I had uploaded my picture during the sign-up process but for some reason I was listed as an 18 year old man. I don't recall having those options available during the sign-up process.

Gizter is a social network for people who are into gadgets and gizmos. It's also an opportunity for you to network yourself and for you to make some money!

I have been reading through this site this morning to learn about how I would make money on Gitzer and most importantly how I would get paid.

Your earnings on Gizter are based on Google ads clicks and Google ad impressions. They clearly state you should NOT click on your own ads or randomly click the ads of any other member just for the sake of clicking.

You will receive a share of ALL the revenue generated by the site. Ad-revenue from clicks and impressions from all user pages are combined and allocated to the members based on Profile Views, Page Views, Activity Ranking and Members This Month (new members brought in for the month).

You have the potential of earning even more by referring others. GIZter uses a 2-tier Affinity Program based on your Network and Extended Network. Here's an example how the system works on Gizter.

What this means is you will be earning on three levels. You would be considered level one . Anyone you personally refer would be considered level two. The members they personally recruit would be considered level three.

Pretty cool since most social networks don't have this kind of earning system in place. Well other than Yuwie which pays on ten levels.

To get paid you have three options. You can request a check,transfer your money to a SecondLife account of transfer your money to your SmartMoney account.

You should check it out. It's a unique opportunity to have fun and then get paid! You can upload videos, uploads videos or create a blog. You can also post bulletins, create groups, take poll and take quizzes. There's plenty to do on GIZter!


rayloesch said...

Great info on this new social network, I have joined and it looks promising. Just wanted to give you a little pointer, you should anchor your graphics with your referral link. When I clicked on the graphic it just brought up the picture in a new window instead of the GIZter website. I think you might get more referrals that way. I enjoy reading your blog, keep up the good work.

The Judge said...

The drawing you posted makes it look exactly like a pyramid scheme. All you have to do is recruit people, who will recruit people and you make money. That seems like a scam.

Susan Parr said...

@rayloesch thanks for the tip, it's the perils of being a newbie. :}
@the judge - maybe the picture was a bad idea, the point I was trying to make is although GIZter is a free social networking the amount of money you can potentially make can be increased by recruiting new members.
There aren't any FEES but the more members and the more activity on the site increases the revenue for everyone.