Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Social Networking and Identity Theft

Social networking is a great way to meet new people, share stories or promote your business interests online. It can also be a very dangerous place. It's always a wise decision to be careful about the information you do share online.

One of my biggest concerns with social networking is exposing myself to the possibility of identity theft. I can't help but wonder, "how much information a criminal actually needs to steal my identity". How much information is too much information?

Do you want to know what's really scary?. It is estimated that ten million people are victims or identity theft ever year. I watched the latest news stories about identity theft on have absolutely no reason to believe I am invincible. It can happen to anyone, including you.

When you visit Lifelock, you can watch the videos and read some of their customer's testimonials. My mouth dropped to the floor when I saw a gentleman's social security number posted in big bold numbers in his testimonial. Wow! Imagine that!

I found Lifelock to be very affordable especially if you use the lifelock promotional codes.


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Gilberto Galea said...

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