Saturday, January 5, 2008

I Couldn't Resist This Invitation

I receive all kinds of invitations to join something or other every single day. I have found most invitations to be boring, too stuffy or too much of a sales pitch.
A few days ago I received the following invitation to join the Joe Popular social network.

Do you absolutely HATE advertising your sites,
products and affiliate programs for FR'EE?

Do you detest meeting other people who share
your interests and passions?

Do you find ZERO benefit in networking with other
online business owners?

Do you dislike making new friends?

Are you against *unique* new ways to create
exposure for yourself or your business?

Do you feel that linking everything you're
doing online together through ONE convenient
"Hub" page would be a TERRIBLE idea?

Susan, if you answered YES to the
above questions, absolutely DO NOT JOIN for FR'EE right here:


If you DO join, don't say I didn't warn you!

...The unique idea behind
is to connect ALL your stuff online from ONE
convenient location, that being your JoePopular
"Hub" page. One page. All your links. Backlinks
to your site. Fr'ee exposure from other visitors
and members who see your page and your stuff.

JoePopular is referred to as the "Social Network
of Social Networks" because it's meant to
encompass and connect everything you're doing
online in a really simple way.

You can connect, share, and promote a SINGLE page
(your JoePopular Hub page), and by doing so,
generate potential traffic and visitors to ALL
that you're doing online.

Or, you can just make new friends, stay in touch
with others, or you never know, maybe even find
that special somebody!

It's all up to you. It's all happening in ONE

But again, if you're just not "into" all these
totally FR'EE benefits, I'm giving you the heads
up right now so that you can avoid this place
like the plague:

Register now

Here For Your Success,

-Bryan Winters

P.S. A final word of warning. It could take
you as long as 3 whole minutes to create an
account! And, once you create an account and post
some links to your sites (or the "stuff" you're
doing online), you could have all sorts of
"really strange people" seeing your page and
clicking on your links. So if you're looking
to avoid things like new customers, new friends,
networking partners, etc., watch out!!!...

I was hooked with "really strange people seeing my page and clicking on my links."
I joined and I am glad I did. Instead of messing with css and html to design my profile page, I just fill in the blanks. It's as easy as pie!

You will earn 100 virtual "Joe Dollars" for every new member you refer to You can use your Joe Dollars to create additional exposure and features for your JoePopular Hub pages, or for custom advertisements that you'd like to appear across our member Hub pages!

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