Monday, January 7, 2008

Really Kicking Myself in the Butt for Snoozing on This One

Ugh! I can't believe I put Zion5 on the bottom of my things to do list because of the holidays. I am kicking myself in the butt! I joined this social network a couple of weeks ago. I added some links, uploaded my photo and accepted some friends request. What I failed to do is read the help section until today. I am blaming this on Santa. LOL

I was particularly interested in this section because I am a member of quite a few affiliate programs with referral perks. Now instead of being in the #1 position for most of my affiliate programs I have to settle for a less. Please read and see why I am kicking myself in the butt today!

Promoting your websites

We think this is the most powerful tool in the community.

You will receive your own Zion5 URL that you can refer other people to join. When these people join they will start a build a downline for you. In addition you will also receive referrals from members in the community above you.

To help explain the power, let's consider 3 examples.

1) Your own website.
2) A website that you are affiliated with.
3) A referral program that works on multi levels (MLM).

Example 1 - your website

You can add your website to the Zion5 website database. People that search the database will see your website and will be able to visit from your link. If they want, they can add your website to their profile, which allows them to rate and comment for others to see.

Example 2 - Affiliate website

If you've joined an affiliate program, you can promote it in the same way as if it was your own, with one MAJOR difference.

If you are the first one to add the website to the database. Your link will be the one that everyone clicks. If someone else promotes the same website, don't worry, everyone in your downline that clicks will still click your link and everyone in the other persons downline will click theirs. People that are not in either downline will click your link as you moved in first!!

Can you start to see the power?

Don't worry if you don't fully understand it yet, you will understand it when you start using Zion5 and you will always be able to return to these pages in the future.

Example 3 - Promoting a MLM program.

This is where the power really kicks in. MLM programs work on referrals, right! Well, give it few days and you will have your very own Zion5 downline to promote to.

But that's not all. To make it absolutely fair, when someone sees the program you are promoting, we control the link that they click on!

This means that if you are the only one promoting the program in Zion5, you get ALL the clicks! If there a number of people that are promoting the same program, you get all the clicks in your downline, and if you are the first one to promote, you get all the clicks that aren't in someone's downline!

Now, imagine this. You find a program on Zion5 that only 1 person is promoting. You like the program and think that it's a massive opportunity. You join the program, add it to your Zion5 profile, send a message to your contact list and everyone in your downline that joins, you get the credit!!

Can you feel the power!

Click here to get started right now!

I will be spending most of my morning taking the time to add my affiliate links to Zion5. Hope to see you there.