Tuesday, January 22, 2008

3 Social Networks Paying $1.00 per Referral

There's plenty of social networks online but very few actually pay you for referring new members. Some of the money making social networks will pay you a commission on your referral's activity but some are willing to pay you $1.00 for each new person you refer.

Sales Spider



Besides making the $1.00 per referral in each of these social networks, you can participate in the Google Adsense revenue sharing program. If you participate in the revenue sharing program, you will receive a percentage of the ad revenue generated.

Sales Spider uses Google for their revenue sharing program but Lazzeo and Bizpreneur give you an option of which ad program you wish to use. You can use Google, Yahoo, Bidvertiser, etc. You decide which ad program you want to use on your profile.

All three networks offer an upgrade option to increase your earnings. I have upgraded to gold in Bizpreneur and Lazzeo. Upgrading allows me some additional perks and earning potential. You do not need to upgrade to earn money in these social networks. They are all free to join.

A great way to make some serious referral money would be to use any one or all three social networks for your own personal group or network. For instance, if you are in a church group, a PTA member or have a really huge family, you could easily have all your members join the social network.

Bummer for me because I am not in any groups off line but I think I can easily manage to get something up and running. My mind is bursting with ideas.