Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Some Of My Social Networking Pitstops Today

First thing I do on an average day is check my email. Most of the social networking communities I am a member of will send me a notification of any activity on my account.
So, now my day begins.

Just opened an email from Vox. My daughter invited me to this community way back in May 2007. After looking at my page this morning it seems like I signed up, added a little bit of information and never went back again. That is until today.

My profile page was the ugly white default page. Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!! Today I took the time to change the template, imported some feeds from this blog to my profile page on Vox and added a few links as well. I still have to create some collections and fill out the about me section.

I took a few minutes to browse the community. I noticed their were very few members who even took the time to add an avatar to their profile. It leads me to believe this is not a very active social networking community. It is just an assumption but either way it's a great way to express yourself or advertise your business interests.

Next stop...BUMPzee
It seems somebody was nice enough to add me to their friends list on BUMPzee. BUMPzee is a blogger social networking community. It's a great place to mingle with other bloggers and see what other bloggers are blogging about. A neat feature at Bumpzee is adding the BUMP feature to your posts. If you enjoyed someone's post you bump it. This is a great way to generate some traffic to your blog.

I like checking in to see who has added me and visit their blog. Yet, another reason why my list of things to do never gets finished. I always run across a great blog and it leads me to another. I love reading blogs! I like seeing what people do with their blogs. I haven't been blogging to long, so I find myself asking "How did they do that?" Of course my inquiring mind wanders off task again....It's all about the need to know.

The Bumpzee widget is pretty cool too! You can set it up in a number of ways and your stats are visible to you from your blog.

Next stop Adlandpro Community

I happened across Adlandpro because I was interested in placing free classified ads. Adlandpro has a number of awesome features on their site. You have the advertising, the networking, auto responders, emails and so much more. I personally find myself getting lost in Adlandpro. I thought it was just me but I have ran across a few others who feel the same way I do.

My confusion stems from my lack of experience in some of the features offered by Adlandpro. I am not a big fan of reading directions to learn how something works. I think I should definitely make an exception and take the time to use the tutorials on Adlandpro. I am certain I am missing out on a lot of awesome tools.

I need to take a break and check up on some of my Marketing Pond programs. Will be back later to share some of my other social networking pit stops I make today.