Monday, November 12, 2007

Cool Feature I Failed to Use At Mylot

In an earlier post I mentioned Mylot as an awesome social networking community to make some money by simply participating in the community. Even better is the generous commission of 25% you receive on any of the earnings your referrals make.

Anyways, today when I logged into Mylot I updated my profile a little bit. It is still a work in progress because I have issues with html. Besides updating my profile, I submitted my blog. Now my blog is registered in the Mylot community. You can never have your blog in enough places.

Mylot is a very active community for members to start and respond to discussions. As an added perk you are paid for your participation. There are plenty of categories and discussions happening in Mylot on a daily basis. There are over 112,000 registered users on MYlot. It should be pretty easy to find someone discussing something that interests you.

There is no denying that gossiping is fun. Being paid to gossip is an added perk!