Friday, May 18, 2007

A Little More Information About DollarSpace, The Social Networking Community Rewarding It's Members For Participating

As a member of this community for a little over a week, I have to admit it's becoming one of my favorite places to hang out. I wanted to include a little more details about DollarSpace.
To make things easy here's what the administration has posted when you click on the ABOUT US link.

What is DollarSpace?

DollarSpace is a social community that pays for setting up a profile with us. We also have a intergrated ad system that allows users to set AdSense, YPN, Adbrite, etc. on their personal profiles! We are the only social community that allows this. We also have a paid survey system which is great for earning easy money.

How do I earn points?

• Post a picture (1 point)
• Post a journal (1 point)
• Post a thread in the forum (1 point)
• Post a poll (1 point)
• Post a comment (1 point)
• Refer a friend (2 points)

Note: By NO means may you spam to gain points we strictly enforce this rule.

How much money do you get for points?

• 50 Activity points = $0.25
• 25 Referrals = $1.00
• Referred Member Completed Survey = $0.05
• 1 Compeleted survey = $0.10 - $1.05

Is there any regulations for points?

Yes, of course:
1. Your referred friend must be active and contribute to the community.
2. You must post meaningful comments/posts, and be helpful to the other users.
3. No spamming. This means no messaging every user that signs up to gain posts. Or uploading mass pictures. I strongly monitor all activity so don't risk getting banned.
4. No porn ads. We want our site to remain work friendly so anyone can feel free to browse.

I'm ready to be paid now what should I do?

If you have reached $20.00 dollars total you may request to be paid.(This is may change at anytime). You may see your earning and activity points on the on your "My Account" page one you are logged in.

How does DollarSpace afford to pay it's members?

We are ad completely ad financed. This means we run ads on our site to allow us to pay our members.

Damn!, DollarSpace is the coolest site on the internet what can I do to help?!

Calm down, you can easily help us out by simply referring members, or linking us on your MySpace or web page, and you get paid for it, you can't lose with DollarSpace!