Friday, May 18, 2007

Have You Already Been Invitation To Join The Ojeez Social Networking Community?

The Ojeez network is growing fast and I wanted you to be a part of it. By joining Ojeez you can keep in touch and leverage cutting edge tools which can help you succeed in whatever endeavor you are about.

To view the invite please click on MY OJEEZ INVITATION and sign-up for free

Ojeez is a global networking community. You, your peers, friends, like-minded entrepreneurs and everyday people will build it. Anyone can join Ojeez, anybody can use Ojeez and everyone can have ownership in the company. It's free, it's cool and it's got great tools.

If you wanted to build a business online, what features would you add?

* Interesting tools, gadgets and gizmos.
* Peer-to-peer video & audio networks.
* Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity
* Training, advice & support
* Everything you "usually" find in a great social community site
* Ownership, what a concept!

Ojeez is the destination!

Click here to learn more about Ojeez

If you have a question or need help in using Ojeez, please feel free to contact us at ( or you can give Jim a call at 570-385-0141. Keep in mind though that Jim is a pretty busy guy. He is building Ojeez too you know and that is like 3 full time jobs. So please be patient if you leave a message and remember that email is always best.