Monday, January 5, 2009

RvBug Is A Social Network for RV Owners

A few days ago I receive an email invitation to join a new social networking community called RVBUG. I don't own an RV so I haven't joined yet but I think it's really neat to have an RV social network exists. Now, if and when I decide to go on a little RVing trip, I feel I can get a more in depth look at what I can REALLY expect on my little adventure.

RVBUG is absolutely free to join and it only takes a few minutes to create your own profile. Once you web space is created, you cam decide if you want to share it with friends and family only or share it with the entire community.

Members can share their RV experiences on the Web and meet other RVers, share photos and videos of their RV travels and experiences with other fellow RVers.

Members of RVBUG can post blogs, participate in RV forums or join discussion groups with RVers who have the same specific RV interests as you. They can find RV events, start their own RV journal and share it with their friends.

RVBUG has less than 1000 members but I expect to see this social networking community to continue to grow once Rv owners learn about its existence.