Friday, January 2, 2009

My Social Networking Update

Shareapic isn't a social network but over the past couple of months I have been using the photo albums I created in a number of social networking communities I belong to. In mid December I shared my current earning stats. My earnings were a little over $16.00. Two weeks later, I am a few pennies shy of $18.00. It may not seem like much but considering the fact I was NOT making any money for sharing photographs and dropping comments and now I am. It works for me! I only wished I would have thought of it earlier. My goal is to continue to add Shareapic albums to all my social networking communities.

Lazzeo was experiencing a lot of technical issues in the month of December. It seems to be good to go now though. is still dead in the water. The site has been down for close to two months. No idea if it will ever return.

Adlandpro has a social networking community. I joined a long time ago and found the experience very confusing. I decided to give it another shot and subscribed to the tutorial series. I still haven't finished reading it yet.

That's about it. Now that the holidays are behind me, I am hoping to get busy with my social networking projects.