Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What to Expect-Social Network for Expectant Moms

I don't plan on having any more children but I thought this would have been a really neat place to hang out online when I was pregnant with my daughter three years ago. What to Expect is a social networking community for women thinking about having a baby. If you are already pregnant, you have plenty of resources at your fingertips. You can monitor and track the different stages of your pregnancy, find a baby name, prepare for baby and find answers to some questions you may have about your pregnancy.

Once the baby is born, you can track their growth in the Baby's first year, toddler and playroom sections to track your child's growth, interact with other parents, get great tips and information and share your family photos and videos on What to Expect.

I think this community is a blessing to anyone planning on having a baby or already a parent of a new baby or toddler. Being a parent isn't always a cup of tea and having some place online to share your thoughts and concerns can be a real blessing.

The What to Expect social networking community was created by best selling author Heidi Murkoff, the author of What to Expect When You're Expecting.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Tweaking Plan for Revenue Sharing Social Networks Starting with Lazzeo

Over the last couple of months I have been using my social networking profile pages to promote my affiliate programs and my blogs. I have always viewed my profile page as an absolutely free and permanent piece of advertising space on the internet. It works well, I do manage to get some visitors to my blogs and people signing up in my affiliate programs. My problem is my earnings in the Google AdSense revenue sharing social networks have really diminished lately with the exception of one, Dada. What's interesting about Dada is even with out logging in on a daily basis, I still earn daily with Google AdSense. Guaranteed, the Dada social network has a lot of members but it also has a lot of content. My Dada profile made me realize I was ignoring the earning potential on my other Google AdSense revenue sharing programs. Here's a few profiles of some of my friends in the Lazzeo business social networking community. If you can spare a minute, please visit their profiles. Please pay close attention to the Google ads and the content appearing on their profile page.





lBerg (staff)




In most of the profiles above, you will notice the majority of Google ads appearing are basically all the same. Most of ads appearing are for other social networks or dating services. What I found interesting is WiseWilliam's tag line appearing above his photo, it simply says "I'm Building A Website To Sell Nursing Scrubs, Medical Scrubs, Medical Uniforms, College Scrubs, NFL Scrubs,". Interesting because this one tag line changed his google ads into something other than social networking and dating sites. CatAnna has done something very interesting with her profile. Not only has she added some content to the various sections on her profile page, but she also added some links within her content sending people to her other websites. What I am sure you noticed is the huge amount of banners present on most of these profiles and very limited content, just like mine was and still is kind of.

My Tweaking Plan

Step 1 - Create a new tag line. The tag line should represent you or your interests. Choosing the right words can have a definite effect on the ads appearing on your profile page. Experiment and find the best tag line for.
My status -Already completed but I may change it.

Step 2 - Eliminate a large portion of the banners currently appearing on most of the sections of my profile page and replace it with a few paragraphs. Make it a point to add some referral links within the content.
My status- Almost completed, still have a few more sections to change. I'm really not sure if I am going to eliminate all my banners. I will definitely be experimenting and see what happens.

Step 3 - Sign up to AdBrite, set up an ad to run on my profile page.
There are currently four spots to embed your sponsored ads. However, according to Google's TOS (terms of service) you can only run 3 Google ads on any website. Some other options you have for the fourth ad spot would be any banner from an affiliate program, a google referral ad, or an ad from another network. I decided to use AdBrite in my fourth ad space. I also chose the full page ad option.
My status- completed this step.

Step 4 - Post a bulletin or a blog at least once a week.
My status - have not completed.

Step 5 - Make it a point to visit a least 10 profiles a day and leave a comment. This shouldn't require too much time.
My status - haven't left any comments on St. Patrick's Day but I will be dropping comments all this week to get some Lazzeo volunteers to help with this experiment and get some feed back.

Step 6 - Create a Lazzeo Tweak Group - the purpose is to involve other members, ask them to participate and share their ideas and opinions as well as their personal results.

Lazzeo Community - Where the users EARN! Get Involved!

This plan is only a theory at this point in time. There is absolutely no guarantee my earnings will increase by implementing the steps I listed above. I am basing my hopes of earning more on the simple fact that everything I have read states "content is king". If that's the case, then increasing the amount of content on my website instead of the number of banners, my chances of getting better quality ads should increase too or not!

This is phase one, getting my idea out there and putting the wheels in motion. Now, I'm off to finish tweaking my profile page at Lazzeo, create my group and find myself some volunteers.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

As a former resident of New Jersey, I'm kind of missing the luck of the Irish here in Florida! The excitement of St. Patrick's Day in New York City is a totally different than it is here in Orlando. People are celebrating, it just isn't the same. In New York City, there's a parade and lots and lots of green beer everywhere! Happy holidays to everyone out there celebrating St.Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Link Love

Today, I am in the mood to spread a little love, link love that is. I wanted to thank all these kind people for agreeing to exchange links with me and also a thank you to Link2Me for making the process simple of exchanging links simply for the newbie like me. I still have a lot to learn about the art of link love but I found an excellent blog post on Problogger entitled "The Ultimate Guide to Getting Lots of Link Love. It's going to keep me busy for quite some time.





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    • Air Conditioning - Penguin Air Cooling & Heating
      We offerhigh quality in air conditioning service at SW Florida.

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      We are the largest fence company in the katy, texas area. We design, fabricate and install metal fencing, vinyl fencing, wood fences and many other styles. Please call us today for a free estimate on your fencing project.

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      How to find reputable roofing companies

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      We are one of houston’s top bathroom remodeling firms. We offer free estimates and perform free computerized designs of your kitchen so that you can see what it will look like before you buy. Call today for a free consultation with one of our designers.

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      We are the top sprinkler system installation and repair company in all of katy, texas. We have the lowest prices on repairs to existing systems or we can design an entirely new sprinkler system for your home or business. Call us today!

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      We have been the leading countertop retailer in katy, texas for over 20 years. We feature granite, marble, tile, formica and many other surfaces. Call today for a free quote!


    • Florida Insurance Department
      Www. Docudamage. Com is an information resource created by a public adjuster for policyholders, adjusters and contractors wishing to learn more about property damage documentation & the claims process.


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      Dog training, obedience training, Personal Protection. Pittsburgh K9 is a dog training company. German Shepherds, Puppy Training, German Shepherd puppy / puppies for sale, obedience training, and puppy classes available.

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      Thousands of interesting Wallpaper images sorted into Categories.

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      Relationship Advice Articles and information on Relationship Compatability - As a single male in my mid-twenties, I find myself consciously and unconsciously thinking about and searching for that special someone - adultery, cheating, or discreet affairs.


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      Vocabulary and reading comprehension software that allows you to master the english language. Sat prep and speed reading software. Wordsmart challenge vocabulary word game tests your vocabulary level. Better grades and higher test scores guaranteed.

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      Academias de ingles american high stand
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      Nigeria community online and Nigerians friends forums and message board, Register and make this forum great.

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      Mystic Systers welcomes you to our site for mysticism, witchcraft, the occult and various other related subjects. We offer a gallery,links, & more.


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      Global racing schools is the authorized sales agents for over 300 schools globally and we offer over 400 airlines, 80,000 hotels and private jets and helicopters to make motorsport your travel experience complete! No bias, no fees.


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      Craft Village contains five areas of exploration. They are cooking, sewing, quilting, home decor, and knitting. We offer free recipes and projects for all abilities. There is also a resource page and more. The projects change weekly. Archived.


    • Pursuits Unlimited - Something for Everybody
      Connect with people locally or UK-wide who share your Interests - Sports, Recreational, Hobbies, Collecting, Motoring, Personal, Vocational, Professional - make friends, share views & information, Advertise, put your Clubs on-line - Its all FREE


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      Browse or search through this great recipe collecion.


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      Willinois world is one of music, booze and gambling. Oh, and also old barns. Alway something cool. Beer & music reviews, drinks and shots, poker advice and more!


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      Greatbearoutdoors carries several brands of tents covering all sizes. Whether your looking to spend some time alone or take half the town out for the night, we've got you covered.

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      Suemakeover. Com has a wide selection of wine baskets and picnic coolers all
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    • Alluring Princess Paradise
      Marco Island Florida vacation rental house, luxury 4 bedroom home with 2 MasterBbedroom suites, spectacular waterfront view, pristine and lavish.

    • Marco Island Paradise
      Marco Island Florida vacation rental house, luxury 4 bedroom home with 2 Master Bedroom suites, spectacular waterfront view, pristine and lavish.

    • Marco Dream House
      Marco Island Florida vacation rental house, luxury 4 bedroom home with 2 MasterBbedroom suites, spectacular waterfront view, pristine and lavish.

    • Dreams in Paradise
      Marco Island Florida vacation rental house, luxury 4 bedroom home with 2 Master Bedroom suites, spectacular waterfront view, pristine and lavish.

    • Learning Holiday
      Learning Holiday is a listing of volunteer and learning vacation destinations. We list everything from cooking schools who offer lessons to the vacationer to hands on volunteer work. This is a family friendly site.

    • Sentosa Resort
      Singapore's leading eco friendly resort. Equipped with singapore's longest swimming pool at 95m using only fresh underground spring water.

    • Sentosa Resort
      Singapore's leading eco friendly resort. Equipped with singapore's longest swimming pool at 95m using only fresh underground spring water.

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      New Jersey Shore, Monmouth and Ocean Counties boardwalk events, restaurants, nightclubs, entertainment, shopping, hotels, motels, vacations, ocean front mall,, online shopping, travel, business and real estate news,, in the NJ Shore Ocean Front towns of Asbury Park, Allenhurst, Avon, Barnegat, Barnegat Light, Bay Head, Beach Haven, Belmar, Bradley

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      Largest online database of business websites, phone numbers, addresses, maps, recipes, movie times and more!

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      Indo Services Forums powered by our members the real solutions, phone repair resources, free polyphonic, free flashfiles, and many more


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      Customize rear window graphics for your vehicle, truck, suv or car! Truck window decals and more are available. Our categories are: art, fantasy, fishing, horses, hunting, military, nature, patriotic, racing, snow sports, and wildlife.

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      Välkommen till - Allt för barnen och barnfamiljen

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      A wide selection of strollers and baby / infant products.


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      Datorer och datorkomponenter.


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      Romantic ideas for a wonderful and love filled lovelife. Romantic gift ideas, romantic, loving or sensual and erotic. For all the very best romantic items. Romantic ideas. Free romantic ecards, love letters, romantic sayings and many more

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      Looking for cheap airfare deals and last minute travel packages? We can help you finding discount vacation packages with discount travel specials and top 20 vacation deals. Get cheap airfare deals, discount travel directory deals and discount vacation at holiday resorts. Plan with us Disney World vacations and discount vacation

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      Self catering holiday accommodations to suit everyone. Enjoy a fabulous holiday in Bulgaria in a villa including use of pool and gardens. All villas on Bulgarianvillarenters are beautiful brand new 3-bed houses near all attractions and shopping. Close to beach, restaurants, and local transport.


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      Professional Wedding Planners in Sun Drenched Gran Canaria. Offer an extensive package at a quarter of UK prices but higher standards, also blessings of relationships, renewal of vows and committment ceremonies, Legal non-residents weddings also

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      Bodas y celebraciones en Gran Canaria, Espana
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      For the most romantic Wedding in the perfect overseas location, Gran Canaria is the top destination for Weddings Abroad.

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      Videos and articles with unique, practical dating tips and relationship advice for men and women.

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      Everyone has an opinion on love. We all have had some love experience. is your source of Information and Advice, Stories and Tips on the subject of Love. Articles written by Doctors, experts, amateurs and the just plain interested.

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      - Dating Tip - Relationship Tip - Confidence with Women - Double Your Dating - How to Flirt - Seduction Tip - Romance Tip - Attract Women - Wedding Tip - Pick Up Lines - Handle Rejection - Dating Advice - Master the Conversation - Be like Don Juan


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