Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lazzeo and Bizpreneur Update

It's been about two weeks since I have been able to log into Lazzeo. Last night I was able to log in but I can't view my page or the pages of any of my friends on Lazzeo. I sent a message to support but have not received a reply back yet.

Bizpreneur, the sister site of Lazzeo is experiencing a similar problem. It's a little more extreme though because I land on a blank page or I receive a time out error.

What a bummer because I have been using both of these social networks to increase my Google Adsense earnings. Hopefully, the issues will be resolved soon.

In the mean time, I plan to working on my Rotratrix friends profile. It's another free to join social network allowing members to add Google Adsense ads to their profile page.