Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's a Dog's World

This is Menchi, my oldest daughter's dog. I am currently dog sitting for her. She's a good puppy but she keeps me busy, very very busy. LOL She fights with my dog, Lady. I find it amusing because Lady is somewhat of a snooty dog. When we brought her home, the first thing she did was give our Dalmatian a lot of grief. He was about 10 years old and she wouldn't leave alone. He passed away last year. Now, Menchi is giving Lady a taste of her own medicine. It's what you call payback and I am loving it. Shame on me.

I created a list of social networks for people who love and appreciate dogs. It's a dog's world. There's also a few links for dog parks. Dog Parks are really cool. Every time I take my little three old daughter to the park, we spend more time looking at the dogs in the dog park than playing on the slide.

Dog Lovers Central

Doggie Dating



My Dog Space




I Remember Love


Leashes and Lovers


Dog Network

Pet Network Club

Dog Social

The Dog Park

Dog Hobbyist

I- Love-

Dog Park USA

Dog Lovers Network

American Kennel Club

Husky Time

Over time I will continue to add more dog social networks to the list as I find them. Some of the networks are for socializing, dating, or breeding. I also included to sites for dog parks for socializing offline in your local area. It might even be helpful if you are planning a trip and want to spend some quality time with your dog.


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