Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Top Ten Entrecard Droppers April 2008

Every month this year I have listed my top ten entrecard droppers at the beginning of the month. It's my way of saying thanks for visiting my blog. Since I can't seem to drop entrecards on a daily basis, it's easier for me to reciprocate with a little bit of link love every month. Besides my monthly post to say thanks and show my appreciation, I update the top ten entrecard droppers on my sidebar.

In April 2008, the following people were the top ten entrecard droppers on my blog.

  • Media Morgue
    No bull reviews and news about the latest in Hollywood.

  • Trainee Trader
    If you want to know the secrets of becoming a successful trader, this is definitely the blog to make it a reality. You will definitely learn how it's done.

  • Yimto Affiliate Marketing Blog
    Tim has been internet marketing for quite some time. His blog is one of my favorites to visit. He shares lots of useful information, tips, reviews and personal experience with internet marketing and affiliate programs. I am always learning something new every time I visit.

  • The Path to the Pegasus Letter
    My head spins when I visit this blog. That's normal though because when it comes to stock, finances, interests rates, etc. I feel it's important to know the state of our economy and this blog certainly keeps me informed.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine
    Lots of information and tips to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

  • Healthy Cooking Recipes
    Huge selection of healthy recipes whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover.

  • On becoming a 2%er
    So, you want to make money online, this blog will teach what you need o do to become a 2%er.

  • Obesity Therapy
    A wide range of topics covering obesity and how to overcome it.

  • EntreCard EntreWidgetsurf
    Every one dropping entrecard cards should definitely make it a point to drop your card here everyday! You could possibly win 25 credits.

  • - Tech News, Gadgets, Movies, Anime, Gaming, and Personal Blog
    As you can see Frank covers a large range of topics and always has something interesting to post about.

Thanks for being my top card droppers on entrecard in April. I will be updated my sidebar by the end of the day. My time is pretty limited these days. I spend most of it chasing my three year old daughter and my three year old grandson all over the house. My grandsom came to stay with me temporarily while his Mom got her affairs in order. Over the last 6 weeks I have been going crazy! They keep me running all day long. This week they haven't been as wired but last week was a nightmare. They filled the dog's water bowl with dirt, put the kitties in the fridge(they are ok, I was right behind the terrors), let my bird loose, painted the bathroom with my daughter's makeup and the list goes on and on.... It seems like things are finally calming down some...

For those of you who aren't familiar with entrecard, it's a great way for bloggers to increase their traffic and build their readership. It's absolutely free and a ton of fun. I have enjoyed being a member and visiting some really awesome blogs.