Saturday, April 19, 2008

Social Networking and Dating Sites for Gothic People

Until I decided to post these gothic social networks today, I was completely oblivious to what it meant to be "gothic" and even after I spent a few hours surfing the web to get a better understanding, I am still completely clueless. It seems there is no clear definition of what is to be "goth" only what is not considered "goth". Today, I was reading through the many definitions of "goth" in the Urban dictionary and I have a better understanding other than my incorrect belief of goths being people who wore black and kept to themselves. Well apparently, that isn't true because I found quite a few places online today for goths to meet and mingle with other goths.

Goth Passions is a 100% free online dating & social networking community site for Goth singles. Meet other Goth singles into clubbing, goth literature, raves or the occult.

is an 18+ Dark Alternative Web Community with an extensive network of members from across the US and around the world. Their members consist of many different subcultural groups with alternative lifestyles who enjoy meeting, socializing & networking with others who share similar interests. Many of the features on this site require you to be registered and logged in in order to view & access them .Membership to this community is FREE, however they do offer PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPS which will allow you access to even more features not available to our regular members.

Vampirefreaks is an online community site that allows each of its members to post and view profiles, text, pictures, video, audio, and other content. Membership to Vampire Freaks is 100% free, however, premium services are available.

Gothic Personals is designed and run by goths for goths and they provide real FREE access to all their features. Members can upload photos, chat, take quizzes, send messages and more.

Gothic Love Online is one of the top Gothic dating sites in North America. This site has helped many of our members find happiness through a safe, fun and effective online dating community. Members decide when, where and who they connect with. Gothic Love Online ensure that people uncover their ideal relationship, or at least explore various potential relationships.

GoneGothic is a community website for gothic, alternative, punk, emo people to come together as one large community of brothers and sisters. Members share their thoughts, passions, beautiful artwork, poems, fantasies, dreams... etc

Dark Starlings, an online community for all underground and alternative lifestyles; industrial, gothic, alternative, punk, metal, j-rock. Thousands of member profiles with free advanced searching to help you find others who share your interests. Dark Starlings is a very young social networking community centered mostly around the music but all those fascinated with the dark, quirky, strange ways of life, those who live outside the mainstream persuasions, looking for some shred of sanity will find themselves at home here.

Gothic Souls is a social network for gothic dating where members can mystically fuse new friendships from a cyber wasteland.

As a member of Deep Realm, you can explore your dark side and to Hell with the rest of the world. Sign up for free and get access to a totally customizable personal profile,instant messaging, blogs, pics, polls quizzes,picture battles,events, groups and hell.

Zombie Friends is a place for the Zombies, undead and Horror Freaks to hangout when not out shambling among the living. Meet and be a zombie friend with horror movie nuts, Zombies, the Undead, Night Walkers, horror film industry folk and horror film wanna-be's.

Vampire Flirt is a gothic social networking and dating site. Members can design their profile,chat,vote hot or not, share pics, music and videos, write blogs, take polls, etc. - the best Gothic dating site!

Gothic Networking is an online community for you to build your social net work, share your ideas, date someone and enjoy other online services. Create a private community on Gothic Networking and you can share photos, blogs and interests with your growing network of mutual friends! is a new social network dedicated to Goths and kindred spirits world-wide. Login or sign-up for an account and take part in the social networking community. You will find many options including chat, blogs, forums, groups, galleries videos, classifieds, music and more!

Goth Central is a social networking community for goths, punks, heathens and crackpots. Sign up for free, add content to your profile and meet other people.

I'm sure there's plenty of other goth social networks out there I missed, so please feel free to leave a comment on my blog so my readers can check them out too! I also visited a pretty awesome list of gothic websites on Occult 100 today. You might want to drop by there and check it the list.