Friday, March 14, 2008

Social Networks for Weight Loss and Healthy Living

A few weeks ago I posted an article about Spark People, this week I am going to share some other social networks online designed to help people who are trying to live healthier or lose weight. So for all you people out there looking for moral support, an exercise buddy, a place to keep track of your success, diet plans, nutritional information or success tips, check out the social networks where you can make it happen. But first I want to share an article I recently read.

Why is Weight Loss Important?

If you are happy with your weight, you belong to the minority of people in the world, but should be applauded for your positive outlook on your life and your body. However, weight loss still may be needed. Many people who are overweight say that they are happy with their bodies. The fact is weight loss is necessary in order to achieve a healthy weight. It is very important. There are a number of reasons you should consider weight loss, even if you don’t mind having a few extra pounds.

First and foremost, if you are overweight, you are at risk for a number of diseases. The main health risk you will probably experience is heart disease, which can lead to a heart attack. Many heart attacks are deadly. Heart disease develops when you heart has to work extra hard to pump the blood to the body, which causes it to become fatigued. This can occur simply because you are overweight, or can be a result of high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Along with heart disease, having high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels can also put you at risk for a stroke. Strokes occur when blood, and therefore oxygen, cannot reach the brain. This can happen due to high cholesterol. When you have high cholesterol, the fatty deposits build up on your artery walls. If a piece of this plaque breaks off and travels to the heart, it causes a heart attack, and traveling to the brain causes a stroke.

Being overweight is also bad for women who wish to become pregnant. When you’re overweight, the hormones in your body are changing, and if you don’t get the right nutrients you may find that your body does not produce the right chemicals for the hormones needed to ovulate or carry a child. Even if you become pregnant, being overweight puts you at risk for a miscarriage or health problems with the baby.

Beyond the health world, being overweight can also affect your daily life. You may find it difficult to purchase clothing in your size or you may find that the clothing that does come in larger sizes is more expensive. This is simply due to the manufacturer need more material to make the same article of clothing. Problems extend beyond shopping when doing things like visiting theme parks, where you may not be able to ride all of the rides, or using public transportation, where you may feel crowded in seats made for smaller people. Losing weight, even if you are currently happy with your own weight, is always a healthy and smart option, until you reach a normal weight.

Now for the social networks I have discovered online.

DailyStrength - Free Online Support Groups

Daily Strength has plenty to offer. This online community is packed full of all kinds of support groups to help you make it through the many challenges or obstacles you face in life. There are all kinds of support groups for dieting, weight loss, parenting, cancer, diabetics, depression, bipolar, divorce and so many more.

Weight Loss Buddy prides itself on finding you the best possible match to the person who can help you lose the weight. Two different memberships are available, free and a premium.

Traineo is a free and simple social networking website that gives you the motivation and support you need to reach your weight loss and fitness goals. You can listen to for Traineo Fit Talk, browse the fitness articles in the library or participate in the forums. is another free social networking community. Some of the features it offers it's members are a calorie counter, diet journal, personalized diet charts, message boards, personal homepage, weight loss challenges, a place to set and track goals and healthy recipes. is totally free to join. At Diet Television you can read all the objective diet reviews, use all the innovative weight-loss tracking tools, develop meal plans, customize an exercise program and link up with other members.


Tee said...

Hi there!
Thanks for this list. I've been using myspace to meet people and encourage them to use my own healthy living site (for digestive health and controlling digestive disorders). These definitely look like they are worth a look as well! Unfortunately, they are all time sinks by design...

If you'd like to check out the referenced site, the address is . Hope to see you soon! And keep up the good work, I'll be checking back in since I just got a very positive first impression from your site.

Tey said...

Hi Thanks for the informations, I actually didn't know that there are network sites like these. I needed these... More power