Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Haven't Posted Lately Because

I have been playing a game online with my daughter. Yeah, I pretty much feel like a grown up right about now. Not! You see, it's not like I have been playing WOW, Second Life or some other MMORPG. I have been playing in a virtual world for kids.
My youngest daughter turned three in November. She received a really cute plush kitty cat. But this was not just any kitty. It was a WebKinz kitty. If you are the proud owner of a Webkinz plush pet, you can joined the WebKinz community online. It's a virtual world for your pets.

My dilemma at first was trying to name the kitty. I swear, it took me a half an hour to find an available name. Once I accomplished that mission, I printed out a certificate for the kitty.

My next problem was trying to figure out how things worked there. It didn't go well because my daughter just wanted to play. No problem! But I wanted her to get her "stuff" for her kitty and she needed to feed her kitty some "food". My daughter didn't give me a chance so I decided to do "my things" on my computer.

I tried logging into Webkinz from my computer but I couldn't while she was logged in already. I decided to make a few posts in Fun Advice to see if I could get some answers. Ugh, big mistake! LOL I asked 4 questions about Webkinz.

Anyone into WebKinz
What is the Easiest Games for a 3 year old?
How can I earn the most points?
Are the WebKinz trading cards worth the money?

The response I got was {{SPAMMER DETECTED}} Unbelievable! I was offended and I expressed it! After I calmed down, I realized I probably should have asked my questions all together. I did look like a spammer. ( red faced and embarrassed). The reality was I was being lazy and looking for some quicks answers. It never pays to be lazy. I have certainly learned my lesson.

Now, I have a complex and I HAD to learn for myself what Webkinz is all about. I will share what I know for now but bear in mind I am still learning (playing games).

You need to own a pet before you can become part of the Webkinz community. There's plenty of things to do. If you have plans on searching in the magical forest, you will need to purchase a charm. Your Webkinz pet will have plenty of other things to do so purchasing a charm is optional.

You can get things started by visiting and registering your new pet. Once you are registered, you can log in and start earning Webkinz coins. Webkinz coins are necessary to buy food for your pet. I was amazed at the selection of food you can buy for your pet. Unbelievable! Hamburgers, hotdogs, spaghetti, milk shakes, fruit, desserts, and so much more.

You can shop for clothing for your pet. You can buys home furnishings, cars, additional rooms and backyard areas too! There is so much to buy! You really need to rack up the Webkinz coins. LOL

It's really pretty easy to earn Webkinz coins. Everyday, you can participate in daily activities and earn some coins pretty easily. My daughter loves the wishing well. It's as simple as clicking a button five times. Today, she won 90 webkinz coins at the well.

As you can see, there are plenty of games and things to do on Webkinz. My daughter is only three so I do need to help her with a lot of things but there's plenty of games for her to play and she loves shopping for stuff for her cat. She makes me laugh when she gives her cat a bath. She gives her virtual kitty 3-4 baths a day. She wanted to give her real kitty a bath but "MOMMA CAT" refused to cooperate.

The Webkinz community is a great place for kids to play online. It's really put together. There's plenty of things for kids to do. It has been a learning experience for my daughter and she is having a ton of fun. I am too!


funadvice said...

I'm sorry about the spammer detected comment you received.

I'm Jeremy, one of the owners, I use the handle "thedude" on the site. If something like this happens, the best thing to do is use the report abuse link or send me a fun mail...I hope you're not going to stop coming to our site.

I take this issue very seriously, and it sucks that somebody was rude to you. Naturally, we can't prevent it from happening on the site, but we try our best to right the issue if it does happen.


Susan Parr said...

@funadvice No worries, as I stated in my post I kind of overacted myself. I love using Fun Advice, I just don't have as much time as I like to spend there. As you can see the Fun Advice widget is on my blog. Besides, I learned a valuable lesson :}