Tuesday, May 15, 2007

MYLOT Is The Answer If Your Are Looking For A Free Money ! You Get Paid

Mylot was my first online community I became excited about. It is an online community which pays members for their participation. You earn a few cents for posting discussions, responding to discussions, uploading photos and 25% commission on your first level referrals. This is an increase. It was only a 10% commission when I joined.
MYLOT has some pretty strict guidelines. Make it a point to read the MYLOT guidelines. Don't let this discourage. The guidelines are in place to prevent spam and members from being disrespectful to one another.

MYLOT allows you to customize your profile page. You have a number of modules you can change around. I felt the page was too huge with all the modules. I deleted them from appearing when people visiting my profile. They are still on my profile page but as a text link instead of super wide profile page.

Payouts are made around the 15th of the month via Paypal or egold. You must have at least $10 in earnings to get paid. There is some confusion among new member who join. For example: If you join MYLOT on the 13th of May. You need to earn $10.00 by May 31st if you want to be paid on June 15th. If you don't make $10.00 you will not be paid until July 15th. You won't receive only $10. You will receive everything you make over the $10 payout. If you made 27.11. You will be paid 27.11. You should definitely make it a point to set up your payment preference as soon as you log in. Do you want to be paid thru paypal or egold? You also need to decide what your minimum payout would be? I suggest you select $10.00.

Interested in learning more? VISIT MYLOT NOW!