Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Top Ten Card Entrecard Droppers February 2008

On the first of every month, I decided to say a special thank you to my top ten Entrecard droppers for the previous month. Their links will be listed on my sidebar for the entire month of March. On the first of April, I will repeat the same process and list my top ten card droppers for the month of March. It's my way of saying thanks for dropping all the cards you do.


My top ten list had a 50% change from last month. Yimto Affiliate Marketing Blog, CK Marketing, EZ DIY Electricity-Residential Electrical Wiring, Fantasy Baseball and Joan Joyce are still my my top ten list. Thank you! A very warm welcome to my five new top ten entrecard droppers: Media Morgue, EZ Money Online, Wild Clips Comedy, Blanca DeBree Blog and Digital Chatter-Heaven Graphics Blog. Thanks for dropping your cards on my blog.


On New Year's Eve 2007, Tim started a meme to show appreciation to the people in Entrecard who were dropping the most cards on your blog. He tagged me as one of his top ten card droppers and gave me the idea of listing my top ten card droppers monthly. I don't like participating in memes much, but I do believe in the importance of saying thank you. Would you believe three people have consistently been listed in my top ten? Visit the meme to see who they are.


Joan Joyce said...

thanks for the link and your welcome susan :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Susan! I enjoy your blog and the topics you write about. It's been nice discovering new places to visit and people to meet. I'm not crazy about Meme's either, but this is a nice idea.

The Judge said...

You're welcome!

Happy to be here.

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Susan,

This is such a nice gesture. Certainly those you mentioned would be glad to know you cited them in your post.

Too bad I'm number ;-)--Durano, done!

Anna said...

Wow! Fabulous idea. I think it is so awesome when people are recognized and I feel that I need to do the same. You have a great blog, I enjoyed reading it. God bless.