Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yuwie Pays You To Be Active!

Imagine being paid the amount of page views for surfing pages in a social networking community. Yuwie does! Not only does Yuwie pay you for the pages you view,you will get paid for the page views performed by members in your downline ten levels deep.

There is definitely money to be made. Let me explain what Yuwie considers to be a valid page view. You can find this information in your Yuwie help section as well as the answers to many other frequently asked questions.

Question / Issue
What actually counts as a paid page view?

Answer / Solution
When anyone views any of these pages, it counts as 1 page view for you:

1. your profile page
2. your blog pages
3. view all your friends
4. view all your comments
5. your picture pages
6. if someone views one of your shared layouts

When you view any of these pages, it counts as 1 page view.

1. any of your control panel pages, including but not limited to: settings, messaging, friends, referrals, favorites, etc.

The following does not count as a page view:

1. Refreshing/reloading a page
2. Any page that's viewed within 3 seconds of the last page doesn't count

If you ask me, this seems like an awesome opportunity to earn some extra income every month. If you are like me, it's a piece of cake. I may not comment a lot on people's profile pages but I do enjoy checking out their pages.

Joining Yuwie is completely FREE, you have absolutely nothing to lose!