Monday, July 16, 2007 Community A Few Tips and Suggestions

It's been an amazing two weeks over at I think I am addicted. Once you get the hang of it, it's a very exciting place to be.
Of course life is easier when you know a few tips and tricks. I am still learning my way around. Here's a few things to help you along. Hopefully, it will save you from the confusion I had. is a free social networking community. You can join and mingle in a ton of networking communities. They have a wide assortment of social netowrks to select from or you can simply create your own for free.

If you would like to create your own community there are a few steps you should follow. The most important step is to register using the email address connected to your Google Adsense publishers account. This way you can start your own network without any problems.

If you don't have a Google Adsense account, don't worry. You can sign up directly from This is the SNAPP program. It is an adsense revenue sharing program. This means you will earn a percentage of the clicks generated by clicks on Google Ads. The free program will earn you a 50% commission on the clicks. If you decide to upgrade you will earn a higher commission. is your landing page. Anything you put on your page will import to any other network you join. This is important to remember because if you join a network and add tons of information to your page, it will not import. If you have something you wish to include in all the networks you join you need to put it on your page.

Oh my, that sounds confusing. What I failed to mention is is the MAIN network. Everyone starts there. You can mingle there and browse other networks inside the network. Once you found a network you are interested in you can sign up for that network. You will have to agree to the rules of the network and you will have another profile page. If the creator of the network has enabled the import feature, you will be able to import your MAIN profile. If it is not enabled you will have to design your profile from scratch.

Another important thing to remember is in order to earn with the SNAPP program, you need to create your own network. It's really pretty easy to do once you learn your way around. I will post some tips for building your network in the next couple of days.

I have created three networks on Please feel free to stop by and see what you think. It's a whole new world for me. It's very exciting and fun too! I'm still learning so don't be too harsh :}.

Social Networking
Lingerie Lounge
Anime Fetish

Friday, July 6, 2007

My Personal Favorite Link To The Latest Social Networking News

Social networking is HOT! I didn't realized exactly how many social networking communities were out there until I subscribed to Whew! There are so many social networking communities for just about anything you can think of. Gardening, photography, film making, gamers, etc...
The information on the latest social networking news is outstanding. The latest gadgets, skins, add ons, enhancements for the communities are always be reported. Reviews, invitations and so much more. is really the best place to get the latest news in the social networking world.
Mashable even has it's own social networking community. You can actually log in and enter the id's of all your other networking communities as part of of your Mashable profile page. It was a sad day for me when I realized I haven't even seen the best of the best yet in the Social networking world.
Just visit to subscribe. Join the community and meet other social networking junkies. Have fun... I absolutely love it!
I am learning, enjoying, exploring and having an absolute blast.

Enjoying The Confusion At

I am totally enjoying running around in circles in I am learning how to do some new things there. I love the fact that you can join and design as many me communities as you want.

Bottom line, it wasn't as confusing as I originally thought. The best advice I can give is, plan on spending a little time learning the ropes. In the end, you will realize it's a whole lot of fun and you have a lot of creative outlets to explore.

I currently have 3 communities up and running. I'm not rolling in the dough but I love being in control of my very own social networking community without the hassles of website design,domain names and hosting. I'm sure I am missing a ton of other things necessary to run your own social network. It's a perfect place for an amateur like me to build my own little social networking community for free.

Of course as your community starts to grow, it's nice to know you have the option to upgrade and incorporate some other fine social networking perks to your site. Before I end this post I would personally like to extend an invitation to you to check out my communities.

Social Networking
Lingerie Lounge
Anime Fetish

Of course you may want to skip visiting or joining my communities and just create your own social networking community. All you need to do is register for a free account.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Guess What? I Am Exploring Another Community

I must be a glutton for punishment. I have discovered It's a wonderful place to meet new people and earn some money too! My lack of experience with profile design and html is my only dilemma. allows you to design and build your very own social networking community. How cool is that? I created my first community and joined some other communities my friends have created. I am still learning my way around but I am having a blast. If you want to stop on by and say hello, please click here.

Whenever you do design your own social network, you can participate in the revenue sharing program. This is a fun and easy way to make some extra money online. It doesn't cost you any money to create your own social network. If you want to increase your earning potential, you do have the option to upgrade to a paid membership.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Dada Isn't As Difficult As I Originally Thought

Originally I reported Dada as a place causing me migraines. I am happy to report it's no longer an issue. Once I took a deep breathe and relaxed, I was able to see how easy Dada is to use and earn money.
It was as simple as uploading some videos, photos and songs. I also created a few blogs. In no time I was seeing a steady increase in my earnings. I even managed to learn how to edit my profile.