Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Brain Feels Like It's Going To Explode at

For the past two days I have tried to learn my way around! Just when I think I have figured it out. I've hit another brick wall. But I have an explaination. Although I spend a lot of time online I don't really download music or videos. This is my headache! is a revenue sharing networking. Members sign up with the Google API program. This is how you earn your money. Members can upload audio (sound bites) and video content. The best way to increase your earnings is by making it a point to blog everyday.

Blogging is very simple, select your template, blog and you're done. Your google ads are automatically added to your page.

Dada is a great way to increase your adsense earnings. If you are interested in receiving an invitation please send a message to

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 is Another Great Social Networking Community With Google Publishers In Mind

Lazzeo is another revenue sharing community. A pretty simply way to generate more earnings in your revenue sharing programs. Currently their are 4 sections in the edit your profile section to paste your ads. Please remember if you are a member of the Google Adsense program, you are only allowed to place three ad blocks. You may use the 4th block to display an ad for another program as long as it's within the Google terms of service.
Lazzeo gives it members the option to design their own profile. I have chosen to display my business interests by adding links and banners. I even changed the background for something I like.
Members have the option of upgrading in Lazzeo. This is great because you can earn more. You will also earn $1.00 for each new member who signs up using your referral
Social networking is awesome at

Monday, May 21, 2007

Social Networking Isn't Just About Online Communities, Posting In The Forums Is Just As Powerful!

Even though memberships in social networks are a great way to get a free web space to promote your business opportunities, you need to be aware of the marketing potential in online forums as well.

Many of the programs I am a member of include a forum. I always try and make it a point to check in and see what's happening. In the forum you can usually get a better idea what your program is about. You will also have the opportunity to meet other members in the program.

I actually find the posts on the forum more helpful than some of the FAQ's or help sections. Most forums usually have one section designated for advertising your other programs. You will be booted if you start spamming the forum.

Most forums do allow you to set up a signature link. I usually include my name and 2 links. I have seen people list quite a few! Make sure your read the posting rules.

My favorite forum is part of the MARKETING POND, the great thing about the pond is it's completely free to join. All the programs in MP are free to join too! I am a huge fan of free programs but MP doesn't list all the free programs out there!

That's why I love the forum at the MARKETING POND. MP members are discussing the free money making programs they have found. You can also find the latest dirt about a free program promising earnings only to turn out to be a scam.

There are also stand alone forums. They aren't associated with any program. They are simply created for members to chat about life in general, hobbies, etc. Some allow signature posts or business advertising. Again, be sure to read the RULES before you post.

I have joined a few of this forums but prefer spending most of my time in the communities.

If you are into free money making opportunities. Visit the MARKETING POND

APSENSE Delivers Viral Desktop Marketing Together With Social Networking

APSENSE is an incredible social networking community with a twist, "Viral Desktop Marketing". You can literally broadcast messages to the desktops of everyone in your business network.

But wait there's more. You gain credits for your participation. Credits are used in the Ad Network. The more credits you earn the more ads you can place. .

As you already know I am a member of quite a few social networking communities. Most of these comm unites will notify me via email when someone sends me a message, posts a comment or requests to be my friend.

Some will even go as far as including the message I received in my email. Great but now my email is full. APSENSE has a little icon on your desktop, a little square will pop and say you have a message. If you click open account you can see what messages/bulletins have been posted.

Create your groups, build your networks and meet new people. Apsense is scheduled to launch tomorrow. If you are one of the first 2500 people to sign up, you receive a free one year upgrade to a VIP membership. Membership is free in Apsense but like any program an upgrade entitles you to additional perks.

I can't wait to see what else Apsense has planned for this community!

Friday, May 18, 2007

A Little More Information About DollarSpace, The Social Networking Community Rewarding It's Members For Participating

As a member of this community for a little over a week, I have to admit it's becoming one of my favorite places to hang out. I wanted to include a little more details about DollarSpace.
To make things easy here's what the administration has posted when you click on the ABOUT US link.

What is DollarSpace?

DollarSpace is a social community that pays for setting up a profile with us. We also have a intergrated ad system that allows users to set AdSense, YPN, Adbrite, etc. on their personal profiles! We are the only social community that allows this. We also have a paid survey system which is great for earning easy money.

How do I earn points?

• Post a picture (1 point)
• Post a journal (1 point)
• Post a thread in the forum (1 point)
• Post a poll (1 point)
• Post a comment (1 point)
• Refer a friend (2 points)

Note: By NO means may you spam to gain points we strictly enforce this rule.

How much money do you get for points?

• 50 Activity points = $0.25
• 25 Referrals = $1.00
• Referred Member Completed Survey = $0.05
• 1 Compeleted survey = $0.10 - $1.05

Is there any regulations for points?

Yes, of course:
1. Your referred friend must be active and contribute to the community.
2. You must post meaningful comments/posts, and be helpful to the other users.
3. No spamming. This means no messaging every user that signs up to gain posts. Or uploading mass pictures. I strongly monitor all activity so don't risk getting banned.
4. No porn ads. We want our site to remain work friendly so anyone can feel free to browse.

I'm ready to be paid now what should I do?

If you have reached $20.00 dollars total you may request to be paid.(This is may change at anytime). You may see your earning and activity points on the on your "My Account" page one you are logged in.

How does DollarSpace afford to pay it's members?

We are ad completely ad financed. This means we run ads on our site to allow us to pay our members.

Damn!, DollarSpace is the coolest site on the internet what can I do to help?!

Calm down, you can easily help us out by simply referring members, or linking us on your MySpace or web page, and you get paid for it, you can't lose with DollarSpace!

Have You Already Been Invitation To Join The Ojeez Social Networking Community?

The Ojeez network is growing fast and I wanted you to be a part of it. By joining Ojeez you can keep in touch and leverage cutting edge tools which can help you succeed in whatever endeavor you are about.

To view the invite please click on MY OJEEZ INVITATION and sign-up for free

Ojeez is a global networking community. You, your peers, friends, like-minded entrepreneurs and everyday people will build it. Anyone can join Ojeez, anybody can use Ojeez and everyone can have ownership in the company. It's free, it's cool and it's got great tools.

If you wanted to build a business online, what features would you add?

* Interesting tools, gadgets and gizmos.
* Peer-to-peer video & audio networks.
* Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity
* Training, advice & support
* Everything you "usually" find in a great social community site
* Ownership, what a concept!

Ojeez is the destination!

Click here to learn more about Ojeez

If you have a question or need help in using Ojeez, please feel free to contact us at ( or you can give Jim a call at 570-385-0141. Keep in mind though that Jim is a pretty busy guy. He is building Ojeez too you know and that is like 3 full time jobs. So please be patient if you leave a message and remember that email is always best.

Whether Your Pregnant, A New Mommy, Stay at Home Mommy or Just Love Kids, Check Out Baby Chums

This is a cool little site I had the pleasure of discovering this
morning. I immediately signed up. The site is designed with parents
in mind.

Parents can design a profile page to show off their families. I saw
so many beautiful babies! Really cute kids everywhere. After visiting
so many other online communities over the past week, it was nice to
get away.

I look forward to getting to know the parents in this community.

Free Baby Websites and Social Networking

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Boost Your Adsense Earnings In These Online Communities! Simply Paste Your Codes To Your Profile

I was absolutely ecstatic when I learned about a few social networking communities giving members the opportunity to make money with the Google Adsense revenue sharing program.

Not only do you have your own personal profile to promote your business interests, you can easily increase your google adsense earnings too! It doesn't get any easier than this.

Please take this opportunity to start exploring the world of social networking and how you can start boosting your adsense earnings very easily.
I have been a member for quite some time. Adsense was recently added into the community. As a member you can also earn $1.00 per referral.
I recently joined this program and added my adsense to my profile. The people in this comunity are extremely nice. I have been spending a lot of time there.
Another awesome community is It is by invitation only. There's a lot of buzz about People are excited about their spike in adsense earnings.
If your are interested in joining you can contact me Please type INVITE ME in the subject line.

MYLOT Is The Answer If Your Are Looking For A Free Money ! You Get Paid

Mylot was my first online community I became excited about. It is an online community which pays members for their participation. You earn a few cents for posting discussions, responding to discussions, uploading photos and 25% commission on your first level referrals. This is an increase. It was only a 10% commission when I joined.
MYLOT has some pretty strict guidelines. Make it a point to read the MYLOT guidelines. Don't let this discourage. The guidelines are in place to prevent spam and members from being disrespectful to one another.

MYLOT allows you to customize your profile page. You have a number of modules you can change around. I felt the page was too huge with all the modules. I deleted them from appearing when people visiting my profile. They are still on my profile page but as a text link instead of super wide profile page.

Payouts are made around the 15th of the month via Paypal or egold. You must have at least $10 in earnings to get paid. There is some confusion among new member who join. For example: If you join MYLOT on the 13th of May. You need to earn $10.00 by May 31st if you want to be paid on June 15th. If you don't make $10.00 you will not be paid until July 15th. You won't receive only $10. You will receive everything you make over the $10 payout. If you made 27.11. You will be paid 27.11. You should definitely make it a point to set up your payment preference as soon as you log in. Do you want to be paid thru paypal or egold? You also need to decide what your minimum payout would be? I suggest you select $10.00.

Interested in learning more? VISIT MYLOT NOW!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Most Talked About And Most Popular Online Community On The Internet

I'm guessing it's almost impossible for anyone not to be familiar with MYSPACE. Not only is it the largest online community, I can't even count the number of times I hear MYSPACE one place or another offline.

I have a MYSPACE because my eldest daughter insisted I have one. She said it's just WRONG not to be on MYSPACE. Everybody has to have a MYSPACE.

What do I love most about MYSPACE! It's the best way for me to keep in touch with my family and close personal friends. I totally love visiting their home pages. It's always interesting to see the changes they come up with on a daily basis. Just like me. I wish....

What do I hate most about MYSPACE! That's a difficult question. I don't think there's anything I really hate about MYSPACE. I always thought it was geared more towards the younger generation. But I was mistaken. Online businesses are making a terrible mistake if they ignore the marketing power of MYSPACE. Including me. But I'm working on it.

I need some friends on MYSPACE, please add me to your friends list.

My Personal Experiences With Online Communities, Making New Friends And Earning Money!

It's amazing how fun online communities can be! I have met some really awesome people. I can now consider them my friends. I originally joined my first online community because it was an easy and fun way to keep in touch with my close friends and relatives. In actuality, it was more like being pressured from my oldest daughter to quit being a stick in the mud and get out there and have some fun.

I'm not going to claim to be the leading authority on social networking. My only objective here is to introduce you to some online communities, share my personal experiences with you and hopefully have the opportunity to consider you a personal friend of mine.

I love social networking and exploring new communities even if I decide not to join.